Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym married secretly and divorced quietly

Zachary Levi married Missy Peregrym seemingly out of the blue. And just as out of the blue the two were headed for divorce only 10 months later.

Divorce finalized in 2015

When Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym announced on social media that they had married while on vacation in Hawaii, fans were surprised to say the least. Nobody had even known that the two had been dating. There had been a flirtatious exchange about going out for a coffee on Twitter beforehand, but nobody would have guessed that they were getting coffee and then getting married.

Missy and Zachary say cheese

Missy and Zachary say cheese

Whilst the wedding had been a secretive affair, the two did not exactly elope. Instead, they gathered around 50 friends and family in Hawaii and exchanged vows. Zachary later expressed regret over the fact that many friends had been unable to attend, but that those who had been there had made it special regardless.

Clearly Zachary and Missy hadn’t just started dating. After all, few people would haul friends and family to Hawaii for an impromptu wedding. It is entirely unclear how long the two had been seeing each other, however. Friends said that according to Zachary Missy was the one. Hence the wedding.

To be sure, the two had known each other for years. They’d dated a decade before they married, but the relationship had ended eventually. By 2014, then, they apparently rekindled the romance or perhaps it was never entirely over, and then they married in June that same year. Perhaps they felt more mature then and ready to take the step.

Alas, it turned out they were quite wrong.

In April 2015, hardly ten months after the wedding, it was announced that Missy had filed for divorce in Los Angeles. There was no citation for any reasons behind the divorce filing, but it can be assumed that we are looking at irreconcilable differences here. What we do know is that Missy gave the date of separation as the 3rd December 2014. That means the couple called it quits less than six months after the wedding.

Prior to the separation, the couple had been seen at events no more than two or three times. Clearly, they preferred their privacy, but perhaps that was taking things too far. Before the news of the divorce made the rounds Zachary and Missy had both been seen on the red carpet without each other, but nobody seemed to worry about the implications.

Early in 2015, Zachary had said in an interview that marriage was definitely a “whole other animal” to dating someone.

Caitlin Crosby - Zachary's ex girlfriend

Caitlin Crosby – Zachary’s ex girlfriend

When you’re dating, you can call it quits at any time when you realize things aren’t working out. But marriage means more of a commitment and one has to work harder at it. There’s no easy out anymore.

Considering that he was already separated from Missy, his words seem to be rather ironic. The couple had barely managed six months together before commitment became no longer feasible.

In her divorce filing, Missy noted that the couple did not have any property together and that neither wanted spousal support from the other. That essentially indicated that the divorce would be a quick, clean and reasonably amicable affair.

Indeed, it was the last we heard about it. Both are now listed as divorced and it would appear the divorce was finalized in 2015 as well. Neither has actually ever talked about the divorce as far as we can tell and it’s not entirely clear whether either of them is currently dating. They are both quite attractive people, so chances are that they’ve moved on to other dating partners. But for now, nothing serious seems to be on the horizon. Hopefully they’ll give their next marriage more consideration.


Missy and Zachary at an event

Missy and Zachary at an event

Missy and Zachary at a departmental store

Missy and Zachary at a departmental store

Zachary and Missy look stunning

Zachary and Missy look stunning

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