William and Kate may just be going for happily ever after on their 7th anniversary

William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have been together for nearly 15 years now. The two split up briefly in 2007 but have been going strong ever since. After the birth of their third child any divorce rumours should finally come to an end, but will they?

The early years

William and Kate have probably known each other since their early days in St. Andrews where they both studied. The two have rumoured to be dating since at least the end of 2003 but it was only confirmed early in 2004 that they were indeed a couple.

Prince William and Princess Kate

Prince William and Princess Kate

Considering that William is second in line to the English throne, his life has always been under scrutiny, especially so since losing his mother so tragically when he was barely a teenaged boy. Seeing him happy was therefore constantly a wish the public held for him and with Kate Middleton that was the case.

But as a prince, he could not just casually date anyone. He must have been aware of that and so were the girls and women surrounding him. Any potential girlfriend would be under just as much scrutiny as he was, and she would need to receive final approval from the Queen, should William ever want to get more serious.

For a long time, Kate seemed up to the challenge. William and she were often photographed together as they spent as much time together as possible. Graduating from St. Andrews, they both ventured into establishing careers for themselves, with William joining the military service, eventually becoming a search and rescue pilot. Kate was not content to simply be his girlfriend and started working as well.

But in 2007 they hit an impasse. Whilst there were only rumours as to the reasons why the two split up, it seemed clear that Kate was fed up with the constant scrutiny, perhaps even fearing to lose herself in the media frenzy. William once commented that they had still been young at the time of the split and each had been trying to find themselves.

But they didn’t manage separately for long. After a few months, the couple quietly reconciled and began seeing each other once more, continuing much more strongly than before.

Getting married in style

Theirs was a long courtship. After their brief split, Kate and William continued, strongly and steadily. Kate was always by his side and soon it became obvious that she was being groomed as his future wife. She was invited to more and more official engagements, attending William’s cousins’ wedding as well, and she was introduced to the inner circle of the Royal Family.

Prince William and Princess Kate family photojpg

Prince William and Princess Kate family photojpg

It was only a matter of time until their engagement would become official. But whilst William did pop the question in October 2010, using Diana’s engagement ring to ask Kate to marry him, the news was not made public until the middle of November.

Their engagement photos show a young couple very much in love and ideally suited to each other. By that time the two had been together for about 7 years, time enough for them to know that they wanted to be together.

In April 2011 the wedding took place in Westminster Abbey. Indeed, the couple just marked their 7th anniversary. The ceremony was lavish. William wore his uniform, all splendid in red, and Kate wore a custom-made Alexander McQueen gown, looking stunning in white.

It’s been reported that at times roughly 2 billion people around the world witnessed the wedding. It was one of the events of the year and the world was happy for William once again.

Expanding their family

Princess Kate and Prince William candid photoshoot

Princess Kate and Prince William candid photoshoot

We have seen William grow up from boy to man. Many of us grew up alongside him, hitting our own milestones as we heard about his. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the boy we once knew as a grown man. But he did grow up and as the Royal Heir, he began taking over more royal duties, especially as the Queen began to slowly take on fewer engagements.

William and Kate went on a few official visits to various countries as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A young and attractive couple, they contributed much to the rejuvenation of the Royal Family and they pulled in many new fans of their own generation and those younger.

Everyone was elated when the Palace announced Kate’s first pregnancy in 2012. Prince George was born in July 2013.

Princess Charlotte followed in May 2015 and Prince Louis was only just born on the 23rd of April 2018.

Even when it was just three of them, William, Kate and little George looked like a picture-perfect family. The addition of Charlotte only emphasised that impression and with now three children one is inclined to consider the family complete.

Divorce Rumours

Princess Kate and Prince William look cheerful

Princess Kate and Prince William look cheerful

So, what about those divorce rumours that we briefly heard about in 2014? To be frank: nothing. There’s nothing to those rumours that we were able to verify at all. Rumour had it that William reneged on an agreement to celebrate Christmas with her family instead of his and that

Kate was fed-up.

It was even speculated that the two had been fighting constantly, prompting Catherine to move back in with her family. But once again there was no truth to the rumours. Indeed, the whole matter was considered so inconsequential that the Palace didn’t even bother to make a statement.

7th anniversary

Whilst those rumours made the rounds a few years back, William and Kate have continued happily together. Not only did they add two more children to their family, they also just celebrated their 7th anniversary. The two have now been together for about 15 years and even though they split briefly many years ago, there’s no indication that the two aren’t happy or may even give credence to those divorce rumours at any point in the future.

No marriage is ever picture-perfect. Everyone argues. Everyone fights. Every partnership is put under some strain. But William and Kate have mastered all challenges, especially that of being the future King and Queen (or Royal Consort, we don’t know which one it’ll be yet) of Britain and the Commonwealth. That kind of pressure would make any marriage difficult, but the two have prevailed and we believe they’re going for happily ever after, just like his grandparents.

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Princess Kate and Prince William welcome the little one

Princess Kate and Prince William welcome the little one

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