How Wendi Adelson’s divorce from Dan Markel went from contentious to an unsolved murder case

In 2012 Wendi Adelson filed for divorce from Dan Merkel. Whilst the divorce was finalized in 2013, details still needed to be settled when he was murdered in July 2014.

Divorce finalized in 2013

Nobody would be talking about Wendi Adelson’s contentious divorce from Dan Markel, if it weren’t for the fact that Dan was murdered a year after their divorce and during a time where they still fought over custody and financial issues.

Wendi and Dan say cheese

Wendi and Dan say cheese

Neither Wendi Adelson nor Dan Markel could be called celebrities by any stretch of the imagination. They are/were law professors. Dan was quite successful and not only well-known in his community, but also well-liked. By all accounts his peers appreciated his intelligence, his wit, his bluntness. He had many opinions and shared them freely.

Wendi’s focus is a different one in her career, and apart from comments on how pretty she is, not much has been said of her.

We know that Wendi and Dan married in 2006. They later had two sons and for some unknown reason Wendi filed for divorce from Dan in 2012. None of this would be of any interest to any of us, if the divorce had not become contentious.

We also know that it was finalized in 2013, but apparently the legal fight wasn’t over yet. The pair continued to fight in court over the custody of their sons and the settlement of their finances. This became noteworthy in July 2014 when Dan Markel was shot at point blank in the drive way of his home in Tallahassee.

Apparently there was a witness who heard the shot. There was talk of a gunman, which means Wendi didn’t shoot her husband. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t involved, however.

In a very large number of cases people are murdered by someone they know and it soon became clear that Dan was the intended victim and not shot by coincidence or because of a burglary gone wrong. His home was not burgled and neither was he.

Nearly a year and a half after the murder the killer has not been found. It does not appear as if the car the witness had seen has been identified and whilst there were a few leads to begin with, no firm suspects have been established.

Of course, Wendi was investigated herself. Her lawyers made a statement that she was devastated over the loss of the father of her children and scared for her own safety. After all, what if the person or persons responsible for the shooting were after her or her children as well? That seemed unlikely even then, especially since they had long been divorced when the murder happened. And nobody ended up coming after her, at least not thus far.

Wendi could be said to have had a motive, but surely the ongoing litigation over custody and money would have been resolved eventually? How would she be any better off with Dan out of the picture? And there is no reason to believe that she would want to deprive her sons of their father.

There were other theories as to why Dan Markel has been killed, but nothing solid emerged. We are still in the dark, which is a disquieting thought. There’s a cold-blooded killer on the loose.

Since our focus is the divorce of the two we wonder: did Wendi regret how contentious things became in light of her ex-husband gruesome and early death?


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