DivorceDebbie has acquired WallPapersWeb.com

On Feb 22nd, 2018, DivorceDebbie completed its acquisition of WallPaperWeb, a privately held leader in the online wallpaper industry. WallPaperWeb has the largest collection of wallpapers online across a large number of categories. It has been the leader in this space since it launched in 2005. Many large websites rely on it to host numerouse wallpaper images in various sizes.

WallPaperWeb’s data will be integrated within DivorceDebbie’s platform over the next few months and will continue as a new business unit within DivorceDebbie’s business. As part of DivorceDebbie, it will serve a critical role in driving business forward by improving the hosting infrastructure for the core business.

Here is the list of wallpapers that were most searched for at wallpapersweb.com

  • Gothic Wallpapers
  • Space Wallpapers
  • Grunge Wallpapers
  • Diwali Wallpapers
  • Werewolves Wallpapers
  • Roses Wallpapers
  • Valentines Day Wallpapers
  • Halloween Wallpapers
  • NBA Wallpapers
  • Need For Speed Wallpapers
  • Zombie Wallpapers
  • Vampires  Wallpapers
  • Batman Wallpapers