Vince Neil never wants to get married again, but is he divorced for the fourth time?

Vince Neil has been married four times and after his last separation declared that he won’t get married again. Whilst he has a new girlfriend, it’s unclear if he’s actually divorced yet.

Vince Neil’s marriages were all pretty short-lived. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that he’s been separated for the fourth time even before he turned 50.

Vince Neil with second wife Sharise Ruddell

He first married Beth Lynn in 1981, but the couple divorced in 1985. Vince had also joined Mötley Crüe in 1981, at only 20 years old. It can hardly be surprising that his first marriage didn’t last. Not only was he very young, but his rock’n roll career was just starting out and Vince has never been known for being a choir boy. Indeed, lots of sex with groupies and drug use have always been part of his career, especially in those days.

Still, in 1987 he married again. This time his bride was Sharise Ruddell, who had been a mud wrestler, believe it or not, and also a fashion model. He had daughter Skylar with Sharise in 1991, but the marriage ended in 1993. Sadly, their daughter died two years later of cancer. Sharise later said of Vince that he had been a good man, but his alcohol abuse ultimately led her to leave him. He had also had a temper, which she considered a risk to her well-being and probably that of their daughter, although there is no hint that he ever raised his hand against either of them. He simply threw stuff around, which could have caused injuries as well, though.

Heidi Mark-Vince Neil's third wife

Sharise never spoke badly about Vince. She admitted that they were no longer in contact, since they had no reason to be after their daughter’s passing.

Next Vince married Playmate Heidi Mark. He was engaged to her two months after meeting her and married in 2000. But 15 months after that the two separated and eventually divorced.

In 2005 he married his last wife, Lia Gerardini. MC Hammer performed the ceremony. Vince and MC had become friends on The Surreal Life in 2003 and were clearly close enough for MC to marry his friend off.

In September 2010 Vince confirmed that he and Lia had separated. He didn’t talk much about the reasons behind the split, but said that he would always love his wife, but that they had grown apart. These things happen.

As it was, the two have been seen out and about together after they officially separated, indicating that they were on good terms. But there was no talk of reconciliation.

Lia Gerardini-Vince Neil's fourth wife

On the other hand it’s not actually clear whether either one or both of them have filed for divorce. If they are indeed divorced, then it would have happened quietly and away from the public eye.

We do know, though, that Vince has definitely moved on. His girlfriend for the last few years has been Rain Hannah, a make-up artist. The two were even said to venture into business together after Mötley Crüe officially ended their tenure.

But just like Vince said after separating from his fourth wife, it doesn’t look as if he’s going down the aisle again. He’s been there and done that four times now. Clearly it’s never worked out for him and if he’s happy in his existing relationship, there’s no reason to spoil things by getting married.


Lia Gerardini & Vince Neil hug

Lia Gerardini & Vince Neil say cheese

Vince Neil and Sharise Ruddell say cheese

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