After two divorces Vanessa Marcil is ready to go down the aisle again for a third time

Actor Vanessa Marcil has been divorced twice now and had a not-so-amicable split from actor Brian Austin Green back in the day. Despite it all she is ready to get married once again.

Divorce finalized in March 2013

Vanessa Marcil first married at age 21. Her chosen one was 80s teen star Corey Feldman. In 1993 the couple called it quits however, which is probably not surprising. Corey’s heydays were over and he was a bit of a mess during most of the 90s. Vanessa on the other hand was just making a break into the business and probably needed to stretch her wings.

Vanessa with first husband Corey Feldman

Vanessa with first husband Corey Feldman

One of her more notable relationships that followed were with Brian Austin Green. The two had starred together on 90210 and were a couple for some time. They had son Kassius in 2002 before eventually calling it quits.

It seems their breakup wasn’t entirely amicable, however, because in 2012 Brian decided to sue Vanessa for repayment of loans that he claimed to have given her during their relationship. He wanted $200,000 from her. At the time Brian was already married to Megan Fox and Vanessa had married Carmine Giovinazzo in 2010, so their relationship had truly been long over.

Whether Brian’s claim had any merit or not remains unclear, because the case was thrown out. He had waited too long to sue, which meant that by the time he decided to take action his statute of limitations had run out. At the time it was even reported that Vanessa could seek monetary sanctions in excess of $50,000 against Brian, though we don’t really know if that happened.

It was probably quite an unpleasant experience for their son, though. Who would want their parents to sue each other? It’s just as well those two never got married. That divorce would surely have turned nasty.

Vanessa and her second husband Carmine co-starred on TV as well before they were married. It seems she’s one of those actors who falls for the men she’s working with. Then again, for many people romances start in the workplace, so this can hardly be surprising.

In 2011 Carmine confessed that Vanessa had had two miscarriages. The couple had apparently been trying for a child, but it wasn’t mean to be.

Vanessa filed in 2012 for divorce, only citing irreconcilable differences. Whether the couple’s failed attempts to have a child have anything to do with that remains speculation.

Carmine might also have had a bit of a problem with alcohol, given his DUI arrest early in 2013. He was ordered to attend an alcohol program by a judge. Outside of that Carmine is not known for alcohol abuse, but then again he isn’t such a big celebrity that we’d know more about this. One DUI arrest doesn’t make an alcoholic.

Be that as it may, by March 2013 the couple’s divorce was finalized. Vanessa had asked to receive spousal support, but it’s unclear if she received any. We do know they each received various cars from their collection as well as a few bank accounts each. Vanessa also got their home in LA. Apparently there hadn’t been a prenup. At least that’s what it looks like.

In the meantime Vanessa is engaged once more. In April 2015 she posted a picture of her engagement ring, but there have been no news of a wedding yet. It may have happened already or may happen later this year. Who her fiancé is, is a bit of a mystery. It’s clear that he’s not an actor, however.

Hopefully her third time down the aisle will be her last time.


Vanessa long time boyfriend Brian Austin Green

Vanessa long time boyfriend Brian Austin Green

Vanessa with second husband Carmine Giovinazzo

Vanessa with second husband Carmine Giovinazzo

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