Will Uma Thurman get married again after being married and divorce twice?

Uma Thurman has been married and divorced twice and was set to marry for a third time. After her engagement with Arpad Busson ended, the two battled for custody of their daughter.

Divorces finalized in 1992 and 2005

When you’re an A-list actor you can expect your life and especially your love life to come under some scrutiny. That’s true for men and women. Statuesque Uma Thurman, whose first name means “splendour, light” in Sanskrit, has been in the Hollywood business since the late eighties. Her unique looks have made her a focal point for our attention since the beginning.

Uma with first husband Gary Oldman

Uma with first husband Gary Oldman

Before her career had really taken off, she had taken up with Gary Oldman. In 1990 the two married, but the relationship didn’t last and was divorced in 1992 already. The two had met on the set of State of Grace. Many actors meet their future spouses on a set. That’s true for most of the population. We meet our future partner’s at work.

It’s therefore not surprising that Uma met her second husband at work as well. She filmed Gattaca with Ethan Hawke and Jude Law in 1997. In 1998 she and Ethan were married. Their daughter Maya was born that same year and their son Levon followed in 2002. But by 2003 the two already separated. Despite sharing two children, the two couldn’t make it together.

It has been rumoured that Ethan had cheated on Uma. Considering his take on sexual fidelity, this would not seem unlikely. Ethan doesn’t believe that humans are made for sexually monogamous relationships. And he even finds the view that a couple has to be faithful to each other in the bedroom antiquated.

Ethan Hawke Uma's second husband

Ethan Hawke Uma’s second husband

If cheating was indeed the reason for the split, Uma does not seem to have agreed with him on the matter. Many years later she called the divorce from Ethan excruciating. She even revealed that it had been difficult to keep their relationship amicable. For the sake of their children they have been staying in contact, but it does not appear to be a very close contact.

Their divorce was finalized in 2005, at a time when both had moved on. Uma was dating Andre Balazs and Ethan seems to have moved on with Ryan Shawhughes, who had been a nanny for the ex-couple’s children for a brief amount of time. He married her in 2008 and had two daughters with her. The two seem to be going strong still and Ethan has rejected the notion that Ryan played any role in his divorce from Uma.

Uma’s relationship to Andre lasted for about two years. After that she met Arpad Busson and the two were engaged in 2008. For once Uma did not rush into marriage however, and that was just as well, because the two broke off their engagement in 2009.

Still, that was not the end of them. They ended up reconciling and had daughter Luna in 2012. Their engagement was back on again, but in 2014 they split up for good. And that could have been the end of that relationship, but things turned sour, because Arpad wanted custody of their daughter.

Uma had hoped for an amicable agreement, but it took them over a year to hash out the details. Whilst we don’t know exactly how custody has been sorted, Uma is the primary caretaker of the girl and Arpad has visitation rights.

Oddly enough, Arpad recently went to court once again, demanding more time with his daughter. But Uma is firmly against it, because he has thus far been unable to even use his scheduled visitations already agreed upon. Apparently he cancels “7 out of 10 times”, which obviously takes a toll on the girl as well, who is expecting to see her father only to get disappointed over and over again.

Some say this is more an effort by Arpad to bully Uma than an actual attempt to spend more time with his daughter.

In the meantime Uma has apparently reconciled her relationship with Andre Balazs. The two have been seen canoodling on vacation together, indicating that they are firmly back on. Uma has certainly not made a big deal of it. Considering her bad luck in the past, she is probably a lot wiser these days when it comes to her relationships.

Whether or not she will ever get married again remains to be seen. She’s been there and done that twice and failed at it a third time before a ring had even been put on it. Marriage isn’t a requirement for happiness and as long as she manages to find that, at least, she should not need to walk down the aisle again.

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Uma with current boyfriend Andre Balazs

Uma with current boyfriend Andre Balazs

Uma with ex flame Arpad Busson

Uma with ex flame Arpad Busson

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