Thierry Henry appears to be marriage-shy even eight years after his divorce from his first wife

After his messy divorce 8 years ago, Thierry Henry moved quickly into a new relationship that has already lasted longer than his last, but marriage does not seem to be on his mind again. He is still happy with his girlfriend Andrea Rajacic with whom he shares a son.
Divorce finalized in September 2007

Happy with Andrea

Andrea Rajacic Thierry Henry's first wife

Andrea Rajacic Thierry Henry’s first wife

Ex-footballer Thierry Henry’s relationship to Andrea Rajacic can be considered nothing but successful and happy. The two have been together since 2008 and have a son together, along with his daughter from his first marriage.

They certainly make for a stunning couple and there seems to be no trouble in paradise. One wonders why the two aren’t married yet or if the subject has ever arisen between them. Granted, nowadays there’s no particular need to put a ring on it and why ruin a perfectly good relationship with a wedding? Plenty of celebrity couples remain unmarried and have been happily together for many years.

Given that Thierry has been there and done that and it turned into a mess, it seems understandable that he wouldn’t want to do it again.

Once upon a time with Claire

He met his first wife Claire (also known as Nicole) Merry when they were filming commercials for the Renault Clio in 2001 together. They started seeing each other privately very soon and have been considered to have been together for two years prior to their marriage in July 2003.

At that time Thierry still played for Arsenal. In 2006 the couple had daughter Tea together and all seemed well.

When the news of their split broke in July 2007, there were a couple of rumours surrounding the reasons. One would have it that Claire more or less caught Thierry cheating after she found steamy text message between her husband and make-up artist Sadie Hewlett. Apparently, there was even evidence that the two had been on dates.

A quick divorce

Thierry Henry and Andrea Rajacic dayout

Thierry Henry and Andrea Rajacic dayout

As far as we know, Thierry never confirmed or denied those allegations and we’re unaware that Sadie ever made a comment. But Claire was indeed granted a quickie divorce in September 2007, because of Thierry’s “unreasonable behaviour” citing those allegations.

On the other hand, it has been said that Thierry’s move to Barcelona was to be blamed for the split. Claire didn’t want to leave London and Thierry left indeed without her, which happened to coincide with their split.

At least here we have an official statement that Thierry moved to Barcelona for professional reasons alone, suggesting that the move preceded the split.

Custody troubles

Either way, the two were divorced rather quickly, but that wasn’t the end of the story. Claire decided to take Thierry to the cleaners and demanded £10 million as a divorce payout. Thierry for his part was unhappy with the custody arrangement and bemoaned that he had only seen his daughter five times in eight months, which is nowhere near enough for any loving father.

Unfortunately, because the girl lives in England and he worked in Spain, a fair agreement wouldn’t be easily reached. Inevitably, Thierry would need to travel back to England to see his daughter.

In the end, Tea remained with her mother and Thierry agreed to pay Claire a reported £8 million to end their disagreement in court. Neither party wanted to drag things out by the time the agreement was reached and simply wanted to move on. It’s not unlikely that Thierry was already dating his new girlfriend by then.

Moving on in every way

Andrea certainly proved to be more travel-friendly, because Thierry only stayed in Barcelona until 2010 and then moved to New York for the next four years. In the meantime, he has retired from professional football but is still involved with sports, working as a pundit for Sky Sports.

In 2015, the couple welcomed son Tristan into their family, though even then there was no indication that a marriage was in the cards.

Whilst Thierry and Andrea continue to go strong, it does not seem likely that they will walk down the aisle anytime soon. They’re happy and there’s no real need to put a ring on it when two people are committed to each other.


Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry in casuals

Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry in casuals

Thierry Henry with current wife Claire Merry

Thierry Henry with current wife Claire Merry

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