The Top 15 Celebrities with the most divorces

Whilst celebrities tend to get divorced more often than people from most other walks of life, they do keep coming back for more and you’ll find few celebrities that have been married only once. Some of them are veritable serial divorcees. Do they simply like to be married or do they never give up on believing in love?

Narrowing this list down has been a bit of a challenge, so here it is.

Joan Collins

Joan Collins

#15 – Joan Collins – 4 divorces

Nobody on this list had fewer than five marriages and four divorces. Joan Collins married for the first time in 1952. She divorced her first husband in 1956. She married and divorced three more times before marrying her current husband in 2002. Her last divorce was in 1987. She had three children in total.

#14 – James Cameron – 4 divorces

James Cameron is currently married to Suzi Amis, who’s the reason for his last divorce. But his current marriage is also the one that has been lasting the longest. His first marriage was in 1978, which was followed by his first divorce in 1984. His last divorce was from Linda Hamilton in 1999 and he married his current wife in 2000, though he met her before marrying Linda with whom he has been together since 1991. He has four children.

#13 – Rita Hayworth – 5 divorces

Quite a few people who are now following are no longer alive. They have lived long lives, which is one of the reasons they were able to accumulate five divorces or more each. Among them is Rita Hayworth, who first married in 1937 and first divorced in 1942. Her last marriage was in 1958 and last divorce 1961. Interestingly she remained unmarried until her death in 1987. She had two children.

Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis

#12 – Tony Curtis – 5 divorces

A notorious lady’s man, Tony Curtis married his first wife in 1951 and stayed with her for 11 years. His last divorce was in 1994, but he married once again in 1998 and stayed married until his death in 2010. He had six children with various wives. His most famous daughter is Jamie Lee Curtis, who has been married to her first and only husband Christopher Guest since 1984.

#11 – Josephine Baker – 6 divorces

Josephine Baker was married for the first time at age 13 in 1919. The marriage was brief and unhappy and ended in 1920. She married and divorced five more times, for the last time marrying in 1973 and divorcing a year later. She was also infamous for having had many liaisons with men and women. She never had children of her own, but adopted a total of 12 children.

#10 – Hedy Lamarr – 6 divorces

Hedy Lamarr was a remarkable woman, most famous as an actress, but she had the most impact as an inventor and scientist. She developed a technology during WWII that is even today used in WiFi, CDMA and Bluetooth connections. She was first married in 1933 and first divorced in 1937. Her last marriage was in 1963 and only two years later was her last divorce. She never married again until her death in 2000. She had three children.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis

#9 – Jerry Lee Lewis – 6 divorces

Whilst divorced six times, he has been married seven times in total. His first marriage was in 1952 and was divorced only a year later. His last divorce was in 2005, but he married again in 2012. It’s unlikely that at age 79 he will get divorced again, but older people have divorced before. He has six children from his various relationships.

#8 – Richard Pryor – 6 divorces

Richard Pryor was a particularly interesting case. He was married 7 times, though he went through six divorces and had in total only five wives. He married his two last wives twice each, though in peculiar order. His fifth and last wife was Jennifer Lee, they were married between 1979 and 1982 and then again from 2001 until his death in 2005. In between he was married twice to Flynn Belaine during the years of 1986 and 1991. Yes, they were divorced once in those years, but remarried. His very first marriage and divorce were in 1960 and 1961, respectively. He had six children

#7 – Larry King – 6 divorces, 1 annulment

Larry King has been married 8 times. His first marriage was in 1952, but that marriage was annulled in 1953. His first divorce was from his second wife was in 1961. He last divorced in 1992, but married again in 1997. He has five children.

Artie Shaw

Artie Shaw

#6 – Artie Shaw – 8 divorces

He was the first husband of Lana Turner, though she was his third wife. His first marriage was in 1932 and his first divorce in 1933. His last marriage in 1957 lasted the longest until 1985. After that he did not get married again until his death in 2004. He only had two children during all of those marriages. Interestingly Mickey Rooney’s first wife, Ava Gardner, was his fifth wife.

#5 – Lana Turner – 7 divorces, 1 annulment

She’s another interesting case. Married eight times, divorced seven, once annulled, but had a total of seven husbands. Her first marriage was in 1939, but she divorced Artie Shaw in 1940. All her marriages were brief and her last marriage was in 1969 with a divorce three years later. She once said that she had wanted one husband and 7 children, but it ended up being the other way around.

4 – Mickey Rouney – 6 divorces

He is in spot number four on the list, because he was married 8 times. But he was widowed once and married to his last wife until death. His first marriage was 1942, but he divorced in 1943. His last divorce was in 1975 and his and longest marriage began in 1978. He had nine children with various wives.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

#3 – Elizabeth Taylor – 7 divorces

Naturally everyone knows that she was married 8 times, twice to Richard Burton. But she was also widowed once. Her first marriage was in 1950, followed by a quick divorce a year later. Her last marriage came in 1991 and lasted five years. She had four children.

#2 – Jennifer O’Neill – 8 divorces

30 years younger than our number one Zsa Zsa Gábor, she still managed to accrue the same number of marriages and divorces. Her first one was in 1965 and ended in divorce in 1971. Her last divorce was in 1996, but she remarried the same year.

She has three children. At age 67 the ex-model could still beat Zsa Zsa to top spot, though.

Zsa Zsa Gábor

Zsa Zsa Gábor

#1 – Zsa Zsa Gabor – 7 divorces, 1 annulment

She gets top spot simply because it’s age before beauty. Zsa Zsa married for the first time in 1937 and was divorced in 1941. Her current marriage is also the one that has lasted the longest. She has been married to her prince since 1986. She has only one child.

Needless to say there are dozens of celebrities who have been married and divorced three times and more. But we can’t list them all, so this is it. Interestingly in most cases the first marriage was the shortest and the last marriage the longest one. It is also interesting to see how common divorce has been in the 20th century among some of the biggest stars the silver screen has seen.


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