Terrence Howard divorced Michelle Ghent acrimoniously and then got married a fourth time

Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent had a volatile relationship at best, yet they stayed married for three years. In the end their divorce was more than bitter.

Divorce finalized in May 2013

Terrence Howard has been married a total of four time to three different women. His first wife was also his second wife, whom he remarried after they were divorced for two years.

Lori Mcmasters Terrence's first wife

Lori Mcmasters Terrence’s first wife

Delving into Terrence Howard’s relationship history does not make for a pleasant read and leaves at the very least a sour aftertaste. He was married to his first wife Lori in 1989. They had three children together, but divorced in 2003. At the time he and Lori had already been estranged and he had reportedly violently attacked her in 2001. He was ultimately charged with simple assault, terrorist threats, harassment and stalking. In 2002 he pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace.

Somehow Lori forgave him and the couple remarried in 2005. Their second marriage ended in 2007.

By the time Howard married his second wife Michelle Ghent, he had had a few more run-ins with the law showcasing his violent behavior.Once he turned violent against a flight attendant, who asked him to fasten his seat belt, which resulted in his arrest upon landing.

He married Michelle Ghent in January 2010 and one year later she filed for divorce. Apparently his behavior toward her turned violent within months of their wedding and she claimed that she knew nothing of the previous allegations. Given that most media outlets never reported on it, this could potentially be true.

According to Howard, however, Michelle was certainly not innocent. A rather vicious battle of “he said, she said” ensued over the next two years. In April 2010 the pair apparently reconciled, but that didn’t last long and they were soon at each other’s throats again.

Michelle mostly accused her estranged husband of violent behavior toward her, whereas Howard accused her of racism, violence toward him and a threat to have him and his family killed. She apparently also threatened to make his private records public.

How these two ever thought that they loved each other enough to get married is a mystery.

Miranda Pak Terrence's third & present wife

Miranda Pak Terrence’s third & present wife

Naturally both completely denied the allegations made by the other and it does not appear as if either pressed charges against the other, however, Michelle did obtain restraining orders against Howard.

In the end the divorce was finalized in May 2013 after a drawn-out battle. Michelle was granted spousal support, but apparently nothing else.

The fight wasn’t over, though.

By November 2013 Howard had remarried. This time he was married to Mira Pak, whom he had apparently dated for just a few weeks. Nobody had really been aware of the relationship and everybody was quite surprised to find out the couple had married.

For now the couple is still going strong, and at the beginning of the year it was revealed that Mira was pregnant with their first child, which will be Howard’s fourth. His first daughter has already made him a grandfather.

At the same time he is still fighting over money with his ex-wife Michelle, who accuses him of not paying the court ordered alimony. She listed all the money that her ex still owes her and there is little doubt that he has indeed not paid up yet.

Howard fired back by claiming that after paying alimony to his ex-wife Lori, there wasn’t enough left for Michelle and he was forced to live on $6K a month. He essentially declared himself broke and recently it emerged that he owed over $1 Million to the IRS and nearly $200K to the State of California.

He said that he chose to pay the IRS before he would pay his ex-wife. Clearly she was not his priority. On the other hand, however, Terrence Howard has been much in demand in the last few years and is undoubtedly a successful actor with a steady income. Michelle’s claims that he is hiding his money seem to hold some truth at least.

Terrence Howard would certainly be better off if he paid his ex-wife everything he owed her. His notoriety is not lending him much credibility, but whilst Michelle does not appear to be an angel either, paying her out would at least shut her up, leaving both of them free to move on more peacefully than they have thus far managed.

And hopefully Mira Pak will have a happier marriage than her predecessors.

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Terrence & Miranda at the 45th NAACP Image Awards function

Terrence & Miranda at the 45th NAACP Image Awards function

Michelle & Terrence love for black

Michelle & Terrence love for black

Michelle and Terrence enjoy a cruise

Michelle and Terrence enjoy a cruise

Miranda & Terrence look great together

Miranda & Terrence look great together

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