Will Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert get a divorce or not?

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert have bin together for 14 years before Tamar filed for divorce in October last year. After such a long time together, it simply became too much. Rumour had it that there were more serious issues behind the split. Now the question is whether they will really divorce.

14 years together – romantically and professionally

Tamar Braxton was introduced to Vince Herbert, a music producer, by her sister Toni back in 2003. Not long after they began dating and working together professionally as well. It’s unclear which came first, but ultimately it also doesn’t matter.

Tamar Braxton hugs Vince Herbert

Tamar Braxton hugs Vince Herbert

Tamar and Vince have been considered a couple since 2003 and in 2008 the couple married. That didn’t stop them from continuing to work together. Their relationship appeared prolific on the outside and Tamar often called him her best friend.

In 2012 Vince went through a major health scare after he had developed a few blood clots. He had to be hospitalized for 40 days and was even in an artificial coma. On his way to recovery, the heavily overweight man lost 100 pounds.

In 2013 Tamar gave birth to their son Logan. The boy was their greatest joy, especially since his conception was a bit of a miracle. The couple later admitted that they had received news that they would have trouble conceiving a child. Tamar even went through IV treatments and suffered a miscarriage. When she became pregnant, she and Vince decided to keep the news to themselves until they felt the time to be right.

Their relationship was featured on the Braxton show, which includes all the Braxton sisters, and later in their spin-off “Tamar and Vince”. Whilst fans witnessed ups and downs in their televised relationship, it shocked many when Tamar suddenly filed for divorce in October 2017.

On and off difficulties

In truth, if people had been a little more observant, they may have been less shocked when the divorce was announced. Back in 2014 Tamar was first forced to deny rumours of marriage troubles. She went on The Breakfast Club and divulged: “We have a lot to argue about. But you know, at the end of the day, that’s my best friend. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. And…that’s it.”

But the couple apparently had problems before that and they continued to have problems after this denial. On social media and at red carpet events they always seemed happy together, especially when son Logan was in the mix.

Early in 2017 Tamar was once again forced to defend her marriage. She admitted that the couple argued, of course. Every couple does. Their professional relationship was not without difficulties either, because the two simply differ in opinion and neither is holding back.

Eventually, however, Tamar seemed unable to defend her marriage any longer and filed for divorce.

Ugly rumours and a family feud?

One of the most persistent rumours behind the seemingly sudden divorce alleged that Vince had a mistress whom he had managed to get pregnant. Tamar and Vince both denied the allegation and there’s no evidence to support that Vince ever cheated on her.

Tamar and Vince with son Logan

Tamar and Vince with son Logan

More disturbingly, however, Vince has been accused of spousal abuse. Apparently, he was even once taken into custody for spousal abuse, but that is also something that cannot really be confirmed.

The Braxton family clan, on the other hand, commented that Tamar and Vince have always had a tumultuous relationship. Three of the sisters went on TV to speak about the impending divorce, explaining that they were currently not having a relationship with Vince, despite all having worked with him at some point. At the time the Braxton sisters were unsure whether Tamar and Vince were going to go ahead with the divorce. They also said it wasn’t really up to them to comment on the divorce, though they had witnessed a lot of things between the couple.

Their mother, Evelyn, didn’t hold back so much. At some point, she even publicly demanded that Vince stay away from her daughter. Once again there was an impression that the relationship between Vince and Tamar was not exactly a healthy one.

A possible reconciliation

In the months since Tamar filed for divorce, she’s spoken a few times about the status of it. She was accused of having filed only for TV ratings but hit back by saying that she would never do such a despicable thing.

The divorce filing was no sham, according to her. Indeed, she called it the only option she had left. Still, the situation was difficult for her and she wanted to have the best possible relationship with the father of her son. So, they worked together on co-parenting him both whilst living separately.

Consequently, the couple was seen together on occasion in the first half of 2018 and rumours began to make the rounds that a reconciliation might be in the cards. It was clear to everyone around that Vince was going to fight the divorce anyway, and Tamar didn’t seem to put up much resistance to that.

In June, then, their son Logan celebrated his fifth birthday and the Braxton clan went to Disney World, where everyone got together peacefully. Tamar was over the moon happy, saying on social media that she believed God was at work that day, reconciling the whole family.

Only days later Vince and Tamar were seen grocery shopping together. Once again, the estranged couple looked comfortable together and left everyone wondering whether the divorce was still on or not. Interestingly, Vince has dropped a lot of weight, apparently working on improving his health.

For now, nobody seems to be pursuing the divorce, though it’s unclear that it has been put on hold. We’ll see how things will continue with the two of them.

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Vince and Tamar pose

Vince and Tamar pose

Vince and Tamar hold hands

Vince and Tamar hold hands

Tamar and Vince look happy

Tamar and Vince look happy

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