T.I. and Tiny and their on-again/off-again divorce

T.I. and Tiny have been together forever and married for 7 years. But in December 2016 Tiny filed for divorce and ever since the divorce proceedings have gone through different stages of being off, on, off, on and apparently now off again. Will they or won’t they stay together as Tiny seems to hope?

T.I.s and Tiny’s long relationship

Tameka Tiny Harris and T.I. at an Awards

Tameka Tiny Harris and T.I. at an Awards

T.I. and Tiny have been together for 17 years, according to some anyway. It’s been a long time in any case. What we know for certain is that they married in 2010. And that they have three children together. T.I. also brought three children into the relationship and Tiny a daughter, who is the oldest of the bunch.

The two have been together for quite some time and as the stars of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle we’ve seen much of their relationship, the birth of their youngest daughter, many ups and downs and how things have taken a turn since Tiny filed for divorce in December 2016.

Their relationship has been very public and no matter how long they’ve been together, it’s a well-known fact that reality TV relationships seem to have an expiration date. No matter how long a couple has been together, few withstand the trials of the reality TV experience. We’ve seen much happiness between T.I. and Tiny, but lately we’ve also seen the trials of being famous.

Filing for divorce twice

In December 2016 Tiny filed for divorce. She cited irreconcilable differences and at the time said that there was no hope for reconciliation. Then followed very little indeed. Next thing we hear the divorce is being put on hold in March 2017 because of T.I. apparently never received the papers. There’s no moving forward and some speculate that it won’t.

But in April Tiny files for a second time and it appears that she’s indeed very serious about the split from her husband. Still, the filming of their show continues and whilst T.I. didn’t live with his family any longer, the two still spent time together with their children.

However, for a while it looked as if things might become rather contentious. Tiny accused T.I. of cheating. In turn he accused her of having done the same. Whether or not anyone cheated on anyone here is actually not quite clear. It does appear that T.I. cheating on his wife is one of the main reasons for her filing for the divorce. But is there any substantial evidence? Accusations were made out of hurt and anger, certainly. Then again, T.I. does not strike anyone as an angel and there might be some truth to the allegations. But he is a loving family father as well and he does seem crazy about his wife.

Both confirmed, however, that trust has been lost. Neither really specified what the reason behind that was, but it doesn’t sound good and recovering lost trust is no easy feat either. So where did they go from there?

Celebrating their 7th anniversary

Well, that’s the thing, really, because next we hear about their 7th wedding anniversary and how the two celebrated it together. They vacationed with their children, spent time together, posted cute photos and dedications on social media about each other and for all intents and purposes seemed to have reconciled after all.

At least, everyone seemed to think that the divorce was off again now and that the two would continue to work on their relationship. By all appearances that seemed to be the case and Tiny didn’t comment much. The only thing we heard from her end on the divorce sounded cautiously optimistic. Whilst there was no confirmation that the divorce was truly on hold, one might have had the impression that things could improve.

She said at the time: “This doesn’t imply that my divorce is off, it states that we are trying to figure it out one day at a time.”

Tiny didn’t want false statements about her relationship in the news and she did confirm that she and her husband were spending time together as a family. Three children plus four more do strengthen a bond two people have.

Divorce proceedings continue

Tiny and T.I. at a red carpet event

Tiny and T.I. at a red carpet event

Whilst Tiny also indicated that she would celebrate her husband’s birthday with him, it did not actually happen. In November 2017 it was reported that the two hadn’t been seen out together in months and that she missed his birthday.

Instead we now received news that their divorce attorneys filed some paperwork, which would allow them to go through more finances and personal questions regarding their divorce. They actually received an extension order to sort through divorce details, although it’s been said that these steps had been taken by their lawyers and it didn’t necessarily mean that the divorce would indeed proceed.

Still, some sources now called it the end of their marriage, firmly believing that the divorce would go through. After all, Tiny could have actively stopped the divorce and filed for dismissal. But that did not happen.

And why haven’t they posted much on social media or have been seen together?

Together forever?

Well, perhaps because the two decided to concentrate more on their family and each other and shun the limelight for a little while. Living under constant public scrutiny puts stress on anyone, especially on a romantic relationship. Taking a step back may well have been their attempt at reconciling for real.

Just weeks ago it was confirmed that the two had not only spent Christmas together, but New Year’s as well. And that they put on quite the show with lots of P.D.A. on display. Clearly they began this year on a high note, which would have to have been an improvement to last year, which began with divorce proceedings.

So, will they stay ‘together forever’ as Tiny is hoping? She has been quoted as saying as much and regardless of what has transpired early last year and the accusations they may have hauled at each other, they do seem to genuinely love each other. What if they can make it through all the ups and downs and make their marriage last?

We’ve seen it happen before. And we have seen the opposite happen as well. Too many ons and offs don’t tend to work in the long run and the added strain of having such a public relationship is also not exactly working in their favour.

Whether or not the two can make it remains to be seen. For the sake of love we wish them luck.

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Tiny and T.I. at an Awards

Tiny and T.I. at an Awards

Tiny and T.I. say cheese

Tiny and T.I. say cheese

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