Sutton Foster and Christian Borle remained friends despite their painful divorce

Sutton Foster and Christian Borle were one of Broadway’s power couples. But very quietly they divorced in 2011 and besides a few unconfirmed rumours, nobody knows why.

Divorce finalized in 2009

Sutton Foster and Christian Borle have known each other since college. Having been together for a few years, the two were married in 2006.

Sutton with first husband Christian

Sutton with first husband Christian

Broadway is a different realm than Hollywood. It produces superstars, some of whom even move on to taking roles on TV or in movies. Broadway success requires not just outstanding acting, but also outstanding singing. Mostly those two are done at the same time.

Sutton Foster has certainly made a name for herself and so has her ex-husband Christian Borle. Like other Broadway couples before them (for instance Tye Diggs and Idina Menzel), they were unable to maintain their marriage, however. Broadway stars are way less in the limelight than Hollywood stars, but the job takes a toll nonetheless. And that gets transferred into ones personal life as well.

Christian said that there was a reason he married Sutton. She is an amazing woman. The best. But he admitted that there were also reasons that they were divorced. He has spoken more about it than Sutton has.

Indeed, it took her quite a few years to say anything about it at all.

As it was, they were divorced in 2009, but that was only publicly confirmed in 2010. It’s certainly easier for Broadway stars to keep their private lives private, which should count as a blessing.

Sutton with second husband Ted Griffin

Sutton with second husband Ted Griffin

Christian admitted that he came across a few rumours about himself concerning the reason for the divorce that were true. It was not a pleasant feeling. He also said that some rumours were untrue. Which one was which he didn’t say.

One of the biggest rumours behind the couple’s divorce was that he had an affair with his co-star on Legally Blonde, Laura Bell Bundy. Whether this is one of the true rumours is, of course, unknown. Chances are that there is some truth to this.

Sutton admitted that she went to “crazy town” after the divorce. For the longest time she had no idea how to deal with the situation. She became someone she hadn’t been before, someone she didn’t want to be. She admitted to acting out in order to try and cope with a painful situation. When one thing didn’t work, she tried something else, losing herself in the process.

When she started dating Bobby Cannavale, she calmed down. Whilst the relationship didn’t last, it helped her rediscover herself.

Interestingly Christian and Sutton had made a concerted effort to remain friends. Whatever happened between them (and both say it wasn’t just one thing), it was not unforgivable to the extent that they couldn’t be in each other’s lives anymore. They still think highly of each other and make sure to see each other’s shows on Broadway.

In September 2013 Sutton became engaged to screenwriter Ted Griffin. The two were married in October 2014 and Sutton admitted that she has even been thinking of finally having children. She’s 41 now, which means it’s not yet too late. But if she wants kids, she should probably get on that soon.

Incidentally, Christian admitted a while back that he was nowhere near ready for kids himself. His own parents had had him relatively late and he was planning on doing the same. But he is not currently known to be dating anyone, so that will have to wait regardless.


Sutton and Ted snapped at an event

Sutton and Ted snapped at an event

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