Susanna Reid Gets A Break Up Call From Live-In Partner Dominic Cotton

Could the popular presenter’s celebrity lifestyle have spelt the end for her long-time relationship?

For many people, BBC’s top Breakfast Show presenter, Susanna Reid seemed to have it all till, just a few months back; she was going great guns on her show, her popularity ratings were sky high, her partner of many years, Dominic Cotton and three sons were at her side. But, it all turned to shock and consternation when in February, 2014, news broke out that the two were separating.

Susanna travels with Dominic Cotton

Susanna travels with Dominic Cotton

Susanna and former sports reporter, Dominic Cotton had been together since 1998. They seemed to be a real happy family unit with their three sons, Sam, Finn and Jack. Her fear of commitment was understood by Dominic and the couple never felt the need to validate their relationship with a marriage ceremony. But, obviously discontent was simmering between the two, of which either Susanna was unaware of or was unwilling to admit. Now, in hindsight, one can understand a partner being unhappy about the kind of hectic lifestyle his or her other partner was leading or even the lack of time between the two. Sexy Mom, Susanna was leading a dizzy life, shuttling between her breakfast show and her dance show and trying to grab some time for her kids and Dominic. From all accounts, his wanting an out came as a shock for Susanna who had attained stardom post her “Strictly Come Dancing” dance reality show stint, but many say it was inevitable that the couple’s personal time would suffer as a result of her multiple professional commitments. Unfortunately, Susanna seemed to have thought that Dominic would come back to the relationship, despite his stating to the contrary.

According to sources, her life style led to Dominic feeling increasingly ‘undervalued’ and ‘ignored’ in their relationship and consequently fed up.

ITVs attractive package to poach her away from BBC must have been no consolation when she saw Dominic Cotton’s profile on a dating site. It’s ironic Dominic leaving her at this time for this new show would have given her more time to be with him and her family and she had pleaded with him to no avail, to give them another chance. To her distress, Dominic seems to have moved on pretty quickly and has started looking for love again. On the dating website, he has shown quite a carefree side, saying that his ‘bum’ was his best feature!


Susanna with Dominic and sons, Sam, Finn and Jack.

Susanna with Dominic and sons, Sam, Finn and Jack.

Dominic's profile on the dating website

Dominic’s profile on the dating website

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