Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash had the most bizarre divorce and custody battle

Steve Nash left Alejandra Amarilla a day after their son was born. After their divorce was finalized in 2011, they had a most bizarre custody battle involving then-girlfriend Brittany Richardson. Five years later Steve was married once again, but not to Brittany. Last year he became a father again.
Divorce finalized 2011

Steve Nash and Alejandra Amarilla

Brittany Richardson-Steve Nash's live-in girlfriend

Brittany Richardson-Steve Nash’s live-in girlfriend

Steve and Alejandra were married in June 2005. The two had met in 2001 and their twin daughters Lola and Bella were born in October 2004. The two didn’t quite do everything in the order that most couples start their family in, but who cares about such things anyway?

They were happy. Or at least it looked that way.    

In 2010 Alejandra became pregnant for the second time and in November she gave birth to son Matteo. On the very next day, Steve announced that he and Alejandra were about to divorce. He added that the couple had been living separately for the last few months. Chances are that Steve wasn’t there for the birth of their son, but we don’t know that much detail.

Leaving Alejandra a day after their third child is born

The timing of the split is the first bizarre incident in this whole drama. Why would he abandon the mother of his wished-for son right after birth? At least Alejandra claimed that they had been trying for another baby and hoping for a son.

At the time, in November 2010, Steve merely said that they were dissolving their marriage and that he would say nothing further on the matter. And as far as we can tell, he never did say anything else on the matter. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know anything else.

Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash look so made for each other

Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash look so made for each other

When Steve left his wife the day after their son was born, there were rumours that the child wasn’t his. Alejandra was accused of having cheated on Steve with Jason Richardson, a former teammate of Steve. Apparently, the whole affair was also the reason that Richardson was traded off to the Orlando Magic just a month later.

Well, we do know with certainty that baby Matteo is most definitely Steve’s child because the family resemblance cannot be denied.

So, even if Alejandra cheated on Steve, the boy is still his and not the reason for the split per se. The timing still looks weird, though.

Be that as it may, it appears that Steve himself has been dating another woman since his then-wife was three months pregnant. His now live-in girlfriend Brittany Richardson (no relation to Jason) has apparently been with Steve for five years now. She’s 24 years old.

If the timing is correct, then he seems to have arrived at a point in his relationship with both ex-wife and girlfriend, where a decision was due. It was not what anyone would call an honourable decision, but it happened some time ago and it’s all water under the bridge, isn’t it?

Well, if he was the cheater, and it certainly looks that way, then it’s hardly a surprise that Alejandra wanted to make him pay for it. In the divorce, he apparently paid her $5 Million, but he was not ordered to pay child support as such, only paying for some of the children’s expenses.

Battling for custody

The couple received joint custody. However, he lived in L.A. and the children lived with their mother in Arizona. The custody battle turned bizarre when Alejandra wanted to move to L.A. with the kids, not just because they would then be closer to their father, but also because it would enable her to sue him for proper child support.

Brittany Richardson & Steve Nash look great

Brittany Richardson & Steve Nash look great

Whilst the court denied her the move because her reasons were not valid, they did agree that Steve had to pay child support.

At this point in time, the story gives us another twist, because Steve, who was adamantly against the move, not believing L.A. to be a suitable place to raise children, suddenly agreed that Alejandra and the kids could move to L.A. after all. At least that’s what TMZ reported. At the same time, however, other outlets report that the matter still hadn’t been settled.

One way or another it is a fact that the children have been spending time in L.A., where they have been photographed with their father.

But of course, the story wasn’t over. Alejandra objected to Brittany being left in charge of the kids when they were at their father’s home because she was not a member of the family. Clearly, Alejandra is not fond of her ex-husband’s girlfriend or her potential influence on the children.

A judge denied that Brittany had a lesser standing than a nanny, who was also allowed to be in charge of the children without another family member in attendance. Thus, Brittany could be in charge without anybody else there.

Marrying Lilla and starting a second family

We don’t quite know what happened to the custody agreements after this, but since no further nasty rumours made the rounds, we can hope that things were finally settled in a somewhat amicable way.

Interestingly, Brittany is no longer in the picture, rendering the whole thing moot. Once again, we don’t know when the couple split up, but they did.

Steve retired from basketball in 2015 and between then and early March 2016 he began dating Lilla Frederick, who was 25 at the time and a volleyball player for Pepperdine University and Team USA.

The couple became engaged in March 2016 and married that same year in September. In July 2017 the two became parents for the first time to son Luca. He’s Steve’s fourth child and once again the family resemblance cannot be denied.

We hope that Steve is not giving up his first family in favour of his second, though.

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Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash snapped at an event

Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash snapped at an event

Brittany Richardson & Steve Nash at a red carpet event

Brittany Richardson & Steve Nash at a red carpet event

Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash at a red carpet event

Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash at a red carpet event

Brittany Richardson & Steve Nash day out

Brittany Richardson & Steve Nash day out

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