Steve Harvey found love for a third time after a messy second divorce

Steve Harvey has been married three times, with one messy divorce in the mix, but seems happiest now in his third marriage with the support of his seven children.

Divorce finalized in 2005

We know very little about Steve Harvey’s first marriage or first wife. With Marcia Harvey, his first wife, he has three children: twin daughters and a son. They were married between 1980 and 1994, making this Harvey’s longest marriage to date.

Mary Vaughn-Steve Harvey's second wife

Mary Vaughn-Steve Harvey’s second wife

We don’t know, if he still speaks to his first ex-wife, but he seems to have a good relationship to his three children from his first marriage, which likely means that the divorce was not overly messy and didn’t affect their relationship negatively.

The same cannot be said for his second marriage and divorce. Mary Lee Harvey (also known as Mary Vaughn Woolridge and Mary Lee Shackelford) turned out to be rather unstable, at least after the divorce. Again, we don’t know how Steve and Mary met, but the two were married in 1996. They had one son together and Mary claims that she helped built Steve up when he was still a nobody.

But unless she was with him long before they were married, when he was still married to first wife Marcia, that does not sound true, because Steve landed his first big gigs in the early 90s, well before his marriage to Mary.

Be that as it may, only after the two divorced did she make a bunch of accusations against Steve, none of which seem to ever have been corroborated. Their divorce took place in 2005. Officially ‘irreconcilable differences’ were given as the reason, though it is unclear who filed for divorce.


In the divorce settlement Mary was given three of their homes as well as $40,000 per month until 2009 as well as a one-off payment of $1.5 million. Steve later received primary custody of their son Wynton, after Mary apparently put the boy on a plane and sent him to his father without his knowledge.

Mary later claimed that Steve had taken their son from her, but that does not appear to be true.

Interestingly a gag order was put on the divorce details and settlement, apparently to protect Steve’s interests. When Mary violated the order many years later, she was put in jail for contempt of court.

She had posted a number of YouTube videos in 2011 alleging infidelity, spousal abuse (physical and emotional) and that Steve had left her destitute.

Marjorie Harvey-Steve Harvey's third wife

Marjorie Harvey-Steve Harvey’s third wife

Needless to say that Steve took legal action and a judge harshly criticised Mary for her behaviour and for the false allegations she has made. It was also clarified that Marjorie, Steve’s 3rd wife, was not in the picture or in any way a party during his second divorce. Though it must be said that Steve and Marjorie had known each other for many years. The two, however, only married in 2007.


After Mary was properly reprimanded and ordered to cease and desist, she seems to have vanished into anonymity. Wynton still lives with his father and his step-siblings from Steve’s third marriage.

Last year, for his birthday, Marjorie and their seven children (his four and her three) surprised Steve on his show, all paying tribute to him by sharing a special memory they had with him. One gets the impression that they genuinely care about Steve and he was certainly very touched by the surprise, though he did try to remain stoic. It would also appear that Marjorie, his third wife, loves him very much. There was no hint of a broken family, neglected children or Steve being a bad father.

Due to his various divorces and the fact that he has become a big and famous name, he may not always have been there as a father, perhaps he was absent during a period of his children’s lives. But somehow he made up for it, because his children’s tribute seemed genuine. If Steve has any brains on him, he knows that his third wife is definitely the one to keep.

There have been some strange and seemingly unfounded rumours that Marjorie is about to file for divorce. But there is no real evidence for it and no reason either.


Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey being snapped

Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey being snapped

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey say cheese

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey say cheese

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey hug

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey hug

Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey look happy together

Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey look happy together

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