Stephen Collins divorce turned ugly amid his confession of child molestation

Stephen Collins and Faye Grant were married for 27 years before Stephen filed for divorce in 2012. The acrimonious divorce took nearly 3 years to be finalized.

Divorce settled in January 2015

He was first married to Marjorie Weinman from 1970 to 1978. But Stephen Collins’ first marriage ended. We don’t know any further details of that first marriage. But we do know that the first incident of Stephen exposing himself to an underage girl occurred in that time. He confessed many years later that the incident happened in 1973.

Marjorie Weinman Stephen's first wife

Marjorie Weinman Stephen’s first wife

We don’t know when Stephen first met Faye, but the two were married in 1985. At that time he had exposed himself to another underage girl, but Faye had likely not been aware of that incident.

The last time it happened was in 1994.

Stephen and Faye had one daughter and their marriage was – at least on the outside – a stable one. Whilst they were both actors, Stephen was the more successful of the two. His face and name are quite well known in the TV world.

But when he first filed for divorce from his wife in May 2012, hardly anyone took notice. There was an announcement saying that he and Faye had decided to move forward with their lives separately. He praised her as a dear friend and loving mother and he expressed his hope to continue in the divorce process in an honourable manner.

Perhaps he knew what was coming.

Interestingly Faye has been surprised by the divorce filing of her estranged husband. She did know that their marriage was on the rocks. After all, the two had been attending counselling. And whilst she admitted that his decision to divorce was devastating, she also called their 27-year Hollywood marriage exhausting.

Nothing further was heard about the estranged couple’s divorce until 2014. Audio tapes were leaked where Stephen confessed to having molested three underage girls in three separate incidents between 1973 and 1994. The tape had been recorded during a counselling session with his wife in 2012 and Stephen later said that neither he nor his therapist had been aware that they were being recorded.

Faye always refuted that she had leaked the tapes. But where they came from remains a mystery.

Faye Grant Stephen's second wife

Faye Grant Stephen’s second wife

Needless to say that this confession turned into one of the biggest showbiz scandals of the year. Stephen very publicly repeated his confession and apologized, deeply regretting the incidents. He said he had only ever had the chance to personally apologize to one of the now grown women and asked the other two to contact him so he could apologize to them as well.

He admitted that what he had done had been very wrong and that he had never had these urges again after 1994. As it was, nobody actually ever came forward claiming the opposite. Stephen also assured that he never behaved indecently towards any of the girls he was working with on his show 7th Heaven. Again, nobody claimed anything to the contrary.

But his image is forever tainted.

Indeed, Stephen has not worked as an actor since 2014 and perhaps he has been forced into an early retirement.

The acrimonious divorce from Faye was only sorted out in January 2015. The two were able to eke out an agreement before they were due to appear in court. That appointment would likely have resulted in an even split of all assets. Whilst we don’t know the details of their settlement, neither of the two is paying spousal support towards the other. It is likely that they did divide at least some assets. It’s also been added that Faye will get some of his pension plan and investment income, however.

Interestingly the tape that ruined Stephen’s career was ruled to be destroyed safe for two copies. Those copies will stay for the next ten years with Stephen’s attorney in case they are required for a subpoena. After that those tapes are also set to be destroyed.

We don’t know whether Stephen or Faye have moved on from their divorce yet. They have essentially vanished from public life.


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