Sophia Amoruso has long since moved on from her short-lived marriage and bankruptcy

Nasty Gal and Girlboss founder Sophia Amoruso has made it big even before hitting her 30th birthday. But by the time she turned 32, she had to declare bankruptcy and her husband had left her after only one year of marriage. Since then, she’s reinvented herself and founded a new business.

A short-lived marriage

Sophia divorces Joel

Sophia divorces Joel

Sophia Amoruso, the founder of failed fashion company Nasty Gal and best-selling author of two books, had known her ex-husband Joel DeGraff for a few years before the two decided to get hitched in June 2015.

Whatever love there was between the two, apparently there wasn’t an awful lot of trust involved, because Sophia made Joel sign an iron-clad prenup. At the time she was worth $280 million and still very successful with her brand Nasty Gal.

The prenup stated that all her earnings from her brand and her books and a recently agreed upon TV show deal with Netflix would remain only hers.

In an article she wrote for InStyle, she spoke candidly about her brief marriage. Though she did also only spoke briefly about it. Apparently, Joel woke up one day and decided that he and Sophia were not a good fit.

Blind-sided and devastated, Sophie filed for divorce.

Public breakdown

The news of her divorce broke in August 2016. Sophia wallowed for a while, but then it was time to move on. She had to go on promotional tour for her second book Nasty Galaxy and that proved a good distraction.

Until her company Nasty Gal went into bankruptcy only three months later.

Joel DeGraff and Sophia Amoruso Wedding

Joel DeGraff and Sophia Amoruso Wedding

Sophia was at a networking brunch with a thousand women in attendance. They all wanted to hear about her success, how she made it as far as she had. Instead, she felt like crawling under a rock, having failed in her marriage and in her business. How humiliating.

She went on stage anyway, covered everything she usually talked about and then tearfully admitted to her failure, although she had come pretty far until then.

Moving on successfully

Soon after filing for divorce, Sophia began dating an old friend. She hadn’t intended to start dating someone new almost right away. But she found solace talking to an old friend and as they skyped through the night, they both wondered why they had never dated each other.

And so, they began dating, started travelling together, moved in and their families are spending Christmas together as well. There’s even talk about kids.

Professionally Sophia managed to leave her failures behind as well. She founded a new business that is actually a media company as well as a community for women that focuses on redefining success. It comes as no surprise that it is called Girlboss.

The lesson Sophia wants to teach? You can rise high, fall down and rise up again. She believes that one can have it all, though she admits that perhaps not all at the same time.


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