Why are we still talking about Sonja Morgan’s divorce from J.A. Morgan?

Sonja Morgan and J.A. Morgan were married for nine years and had one daughter. Then she gets served with divorce papers and never sees another dime from him. But years later he admits to owing her $3 million and that after she declared bankruptcy.
Divorce finalized in 2008

Relentless pursuit

John Adams Morgan & Sonja Morgan partying

John Adams Morgan & Sonja Morgan partying

Why are we still talking about Sonja Morgan’s divorce from John Morgan? It is a valid question given that the couple’s divorce was finalized in 2008, which was pretty much a lifetime ago. But Sonja Morgan has shown up in news junkets repeatedly over the years, not least because of her bankruptcy and because her ageing ex-husband still owes her $3 Million in divorce settlement money as well as $300,000 in alimony. One can only hope that he’s at least paying child support.

And to think he once pursued her relentlessly. At least, according to Sonja. The couple met in the mid-90s at a restaurant Sonja was working at. And even though they never much spoke, and John was apparently a bad tipper, they somehow caught up a while after she was fired from her job whilst skiing in Aspen.

John asked Sonja out to dinner and proposed to her that same night.

Apparently, that’s what multi-millionaires in their sixties do, who also happen to be descendants of U.S. presidents (John Adams and John Quincy Adams in his case) as well as J.P. Morgan (yes, the J.P. Morgan). Sonja obviously said yes, because she liked him and she had ambitions.

They were married and had daughter Quincy together (there’s clearly a pattern in the choice of names here). And for all Sonja knew they were happy. She called John a great husband and a great lover.

A divorce out of the blue

In 2006 then she was served with divorce papers. It’s not clear if those came totally out of the blue, but apparently, she hadn’t quite expected that turn of events. She later found out that John Adams Morgan had cheated on her with her best friend. Yikes.

Sonja only said of the divorce: “You wouldn’t believe the story … There were some people I shouldn’t have trusted.”

Well, you live, you learn.

There was a prenup as well as a post-nup and in 2008 Sonja was awarded $3 Million in a divorce settlement as well as alimony and presumably child support. Property was also involved because selling some of it as well as handing over the deeds for one of them enabled her to pay out her bankruptcy deal.

Bankruptcy and $3 million in debt

In 2010 Sonja joined The Real Housewives of New York and it was there that we learned about her money woes. Apparently, a movie deal had gone wrong back around the same time she was divorcing and now the film company sued her because she was in breach of contract.

John Adams Morgan & Sonja Morgan-stunning in black

John Adams Morgan & Sonja Morgan-stunning in black

Eventually, she had to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy and made deals with her creditors to pay off all debts, which involved liquidating many of her assets. At that time, it became public knowledge that her ex-husband had still not paid her the divorce settlement money of $3 million and that he owed $300,000 in alimony.

Now that her own debts are settled, it would surely be nice to have the debts her ex-husband owes her to be settled as well, but it seems J.A. Morgan wants to sit this one out.

He’s in his eighties now and lives on his own little island. He apparently said that he’s destitute and unable to pay, but his net worth has been estimated at $100 Million. Some seem to believe that he’s simply waiting out his own death to avoid settling this particular debt.

It’s even been reported that a law firm dropped him as a client because he failed to make payments to them, even though he was said to be financially able to pay.

Looks like he’s a real piece of work. Still, he actually married again. This time Connie Morgan. And good luck to her.

The men that followed

For better or worse Sonja has moved on and for a while, she was seen canoodling with Adrienne Maloof’s ex-husband Paul Nassif, whom she has apparently always liked. That didn’t last, however, and on RHONY we’ve seen the other guys she’s been spending time with.

There was that one who even lived with her for a while, a young hotelier who has moved out again. And then there’s Rocco, who has been dating Sonja on and off for quite some time now. She’s gone back to him after the hotelier moved out. Rocco appears to have a long breath, because he keeps holding it for her, playing the long game and pursuing her once more whenever she’s available.

Considering that Sonja’s last marriage was dissolved ten years ago, it might indeed be time for her to move on for good with a new man in a stable relationship. Her main concern is her daughter, however, a bond that is unbreakable regardless of what men might walk through her life.

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John Adams Morgan & Sonja Morgan photosoot with daughter Quincy

John Adams Morgan & Sonja Morgan photosoot with daughter Quincy

Sonja Morgan linked to Paul Nassif

Sonja Morgan linked to Paul Nassif

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