Shania Twain divorced Robert Lange only to marry the ex-husband of the woman he cheated on her with

Shania Twain was married to Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange for over 14 years. She was left devastated when it came out that he had cheated on her with her best friend and their split was announced in 2008. In a twist of fate, it was her best friend’s ex-husband who brought her solace. They married in 2011.

Married after only six months

Robert Lange Shania Twain's ex husband

Robert Lange Shania Twain’s ex husband

Shania Twain, born Eilleen Regina Edwards, reportedly met Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange in June 1993. He had heard a few of her original songs on her debut album and offered to collaborate with her, producing her songs and maybe even writing new ones. When they met, they relationship was intended to be professional only.

Though 17 years her senior, Robert and Shania quickly became very close and their professional relationship became a romantic one. In fact, things progressed at a speed that the two were married in December 1993.

Apart from having a very productive professional relationship, the romantic attraction between those two must have been strong. It’s said about Robert that he is intense and bright but also a caretaker, something Shania found hugely appealing. And for a long time, things worked incredibly well between the pair.

A long and productive relationship

Shania and Robert were together throughout her most successful time during her career. He was her producer and her loving husband. The two appeared rock solid, always holding hands when seen out together.

Shania's current boyfriend Frederic Thiebaud

Shania’s current boyfriend Frederic Thiebaud

In 2001 their son Eja (pronounced “Asia”) was born. He became the light of Shania’s life and completed the small family.

Prior to their son’s birth, the couple had moved to Switzerland, at the behest of Robert, who wanted a quieter life. For a while, Shania concentrated on motherhood, though eventually she and Robert began working on a new album.

Whilst she retreated from public life, which was also due to her more isolated life in Switzerland, making music continued to be important to her.    

Until things turned quiet around her without her releasing a single in six years.

Blindsided by cheating scandal

Whilst struggling with her career, she began to worry that her husband of 12 years was cheating on her. She had little evidence and turned to one her best friends and employees Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Marie-Anne considered the idea unfounded, almost ridiculous and tried to assuage Shania’s fears and worries. Indeed, at some point, Shania even asked Marie-Anne outright whether she had an affair with her husband, which Marie-Anne tearfully denied.

Shania and Frederic wedding

Shania and Frederic wedding

But then Frederic Thiébaud, Marie-Anne’s husband, came to Shania with proof for their partners’ infidelity. He had receipts, phone bills, hotel information and whatnot which allegedly proved that Robert and Marie-Anne had been having an affair.

Shania was left utterly crushed by the betrayal not just of her husband but by a woman she thought among her best friends. She admitted to even having written an email to Marie-Anne, begging her to let her husband return to her. Desperate times and desperate measures.

Interestingly, Robert not only denied the allegations, he never confirmed that he had any sort of relationship with Marie-Anne, who also always denied the cheating scandal. Whilst it has been claimed that Robert and Marie-Anne are in a committed relationship, married even, no real evidence can be found to support such claim.

As far as Shania is concerned, however, the affair took place and if she could say anything to Marie-Anne, she would say “I wish I’d never met you”.

When it comes to Robert, well, the two are still on speaking terms, but they only ever talk about their son. They remain co-parents, after all. Sometimes Shania wishes they were also still friends because she will always love him, regardless of what happened.

Finding solace with Fred

Shania filed for divorce from Robert in 2008. Apparently, Fredric did the same with Marie-Anne. Both marriages were dissolved in Switzerland, though in Shania’s case it took nearly two years for it to be finalized.

In the meantime, Shania went onto the road of recovery. Her son was her brightest light and reason for her to get out of bed in the morning, but, in a surprising twist of fate, she also found solace in the arm of her rival’s ex-husband.

Needless to say, she was worried about what that might look like. She might have been disgusted with her former best friend, but she found herself falling for the woman’s ex-husband. The public would have its share to say about this development, but ultimately Shania decided to give love another chance.

In 2011 the two were married in a romantic beach ceremony in Puerto Rico. The two are obviously very much in love and seven years on they are still going strong.

Returning to music

Eventually, Shania found a way back to her first love as well: music. After her personal struggles, her heartbreak and a secret battle with Lyme disease, she finally found her voice again. Quite literally, because the disease caused her to lose her singing voice for a number of years.

Her divorce didn’t help, of course, because it also ended her professional partnership with Robert and in total 15 years passed between the releases of her last album and her newest album. It looks as if Shania is back in full force, full of life and vigour.


Shania and Frederic dayout

Shania and Frederic dayout

Shania hugs Frederic

Shania hugs Frederic

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