Sebastian Bachs’s first marriage ended after 18 years in divorce – after a failed engagement he is now married once more

Sebastian Bach was married to his childhood sweetheart for 18 years. But a few years after their divorce he said it was the stupidest decision of his life to get married. Now he’s married once again.

Divorce finalized in 2011

Sebastian Bach met his first wife in 1984. He was 16 then. He said that they had been together ever since. Too young to marry then, they wisely decided to postpone marriage until eight years later.

Sebastian and third wife Suzanne Le with kid

Sebastian and third wife Suzanne Le with kid

In 1992 Sebastian’s career had already reached a high point with his band Skid Row. He’d been touring for years already and undoubtedly encountered all the temptations of a rock star on the road.

He would later deny that he gave into those temptations, especially those presented by female groupies, because much was written about it when the Internet came around.

It is a fact that he married Maria Aquinar and had three children with her. So whatever wild life he lived as a rocker, his wife and children at least somewhat grounded him. He did admit, though, that he got wasted every night for 25 years and there have been a number of incidents that involved alcohol and at least some violence on his part. But he’s not the worst of them either.

When he announced in January 2011 that he and Maria would divorce, he blamed it on the Internet and the lies that were published about him and his past, often concerning his conduct on the road and alleged affairs or sexual transgressions with fans.

He said none of it was true. Sebastian also said that he and Maria had separated in April 2010 and had tried to reconcile for the sake of their family, but apparently their differences had indeed become irreconcilable.

Maria Aquinar Sebastian's first wife

Maria Aquinar Sebastian’s first wife

Not much is known about their divorce. It seems the couple kept it quiet, perhaps for the sake of their children. Sebastian, who has quite the mouth on him, did say years later that getting married was the stupidest idea he ever had. It certainly didn’t sound as if he was sad not to be married to his ex-wife anymore. Why he would have stayed with her for 26 years, though, is another question entirely. One does get the impression that Sebastian Bach is a bit full of it and is generally not to be taken too seriously.

In 2011 he started dating model Minnie Gupta and the two were even engaged at one point. When they split, it seems to have been an amicable situation, because Sebastian had nothing but kind words for her.

In the second half of 2014 he met and got together with Suzanne Le and in no time at all he had proposed to her and the two were engaged in December that same year.

Their marriage in August last year caused some controversy, because they allegedly sold tickets for fans to attend their wedding. In the end Sebastian clarified that tickets were indeed sold, but only to the reception and that music would be played and it could be considered something like a meet-and-greet of the kind he usually has after concerts.

After the wedding he also said that he and his new wife hadn’t actually made any money off their wedding, because the income from the ticket had gone to the venue that had hosted and organized the wedding.

For now he seems happily married and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a pregnancy sooner rather than later. Hopefully this marriage will last. And hopefully Sebastian can keep his mouth shut a little more often in the future.


Minnie Gupta and Sebastian Bach glammed up

Minnie Gupta and Sebastian Bach glammed up

Minnie Gupta-Sebastian's second wife

Minnie Gupta-Sebastian’s second wife

Minnie Gupta and Sebastian Bach hug

Minnie Gupta and Sebastian Bach hug

Suzanne Le & Sebastian Bach hug

Suzanne Le & Sebastian Bach hug

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