Did Beth Payton get what she wanted in her divorce from Sean Payton?

Sean Payton’s divorce came amidst a difficult time when he was suspended as the Saints coach. The divorce was finalized two years after filing, but did Beth Payton get what she wanted? Not necessarily, but at least she got rid of a husband suspect of cheating.

Divorce vs NFL scandal

When Beth Payton filed for divorce from her husband of nearly 20 years, Sean Payton, he was in a rather difficult position with his job as the coach of the New Orleans Saints. The scandal, which was a direct result of Payton’s action, was prominent in the NFL news and Payton’s divorce was hardly covered.

Beth Payton and Sean Payton stunning in black

Beth Payton and Sean Payton stunning in black

Beth wanted primary physical custody for their children and also asked to be the main decision-maker for just about any question concerning the kids. Sean was to pay child-support and cover any medical expenses.

Sean had submitted his own filing and had requested joint legal and physical custody.

Custody issues

The discrepancy between the two filings is quite staggering and one wonders why Beth wanted to keep the children essentially away from their father.

Sean had stated that his suspension had at least given him the opportunity to spend much more time with his kids, which was perhaps the only good thing that came out of the whole affair.

Beth made no allegations that Sean was a bad father, which makes her request strange. Surely the two would have been able to come to a better agreement than that. Perhaps, however, one has to consider that Sean primarily worked in New Orleans, whereas the couple had previously bought a large mansion-style property in Texas.

Sean was commuting a lot between his home and New Orleans, after the divorce, there would have been little reason to keep doing that. Perhaps Beth wanted to protect the children from being shuttled around between New Orleans and Westlake in Texas. She did specifically request to receive exclusive right to decide on her children’s primary residence.

That was likely going to be in Texas.

Settling the divorce

In 2014, however, their Westlake property was put on the market for sale. Perhaps it was easier that way to divide the assets. The divorce was finalized at some point in 2014, but we have no idea when precisely and if Beth got what she wanted.

We do know that Sean did indeed move back to New Orleans, however. Chances are they have some sort of shared custody agreement. Judges tend to loathe granting primary custody to just one parent without very good reason. If there was no reason, then we can assume an agreement that did not disadvantage Sean too much but gave into some of Beth’s requests.

What caused the divorce?

What we don’t know is why the couple divorced. Beth filed very specifically as “discord or conflict of personalities between Petitioner and Respondent that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

Rumour has it she caught Sean cheating.

And even before his divorce was finalized Sean had been regularly seen with Skylene Montgomery, the former Miss West Virginia, who seems to have a preference for dating reasonably famous men.

Last we heard they were still seeing each other, but they aren’t seen together a lot. Sean’s career is doing much better these days as well and Beth seems to have returned to a quieter life.

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Beth Payton and Sean Payton look cheerful

Beth Payton and Sean Payton look cheerful

Beth Payton and Sean Payton say cheese

Beth Payton and Sean Payton say cheese

Beth Payton and Sean Payton with kids

Beth Payton and Sean Payton with kids

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