Sarah McLachlan needed years to find happiness again after her ‘gross’ divorce from Ashwin Sood

Sarah McLachlan was married for 11 years, but then her marriage to Ashwin Sood fell apart horribly. It took her a long time to get over her divorce.

Divorce finalized in 2008

The couple was married in 1997 and went on two have two daughters. Sarah McLachlan and Ashwin Sood seemed happy for most of their marriage, so their divorce came as a shock for many. No least Sarah herself.

Sarah McLachlan and Ashwin Sood say cheese

Sarah McLachlan and Ashwin Sood say cheese

It’s been alleged that Ashwin had cheated on Sarah and whilst neither of them has really clarified the reason for their divorce, Sarah certainly called it a ‘pretty gross’ situation. Only in the aftermath did it become clear just how heartbroken she was over the failure of her marriage.

Unlike many others she only saw the negatives in her divorce, though that has likely changed now. Just because a marriage ends in divorce doesn’t mean it’s a complete failure. The two people in it merely failed to keep it going.

But good things came out of her relationship to Ashwin as well, namely her two daughters.

And these days Sarah and Ashwin manage to have a civil relationship, could perhaps even be called friends, though it doesn’t sound like that was always an option after their divorce. But she values his talents as a drummer, which resulted in their collaboration on her last album.


And he is the father of her children, which means that he remains ultimately a part of her life. It’s certainly better to keep a civil relationship than let it become acrimonious, even if just for the sake of their children.

After her divorce Sarah said that she would be single for a long time to come. There was much to get through for her and even though she was in a deep black hole in the wake of her divorce, she managed to work through the darkness.

At 48 she appears happier than ever. For the last three years she has been in a relationship with former NFL player Geoff Courtnall and according to her things have been great between the two.

We don’t know if Ashwin is dating anyone, but chances are he hasn’t been single for the last seven years.


Sarah McLachlan and Ashwin Sood snapped at an event

Sarah McLachlan and Ashwin Sood snapped at an event

Sarah and Ashwin at an airport

Sarah and Ashwin at an airport

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