Samantha Boomer’s desire for a quiet divorce was sabotaged by estranged husband Russ Rollins

Samantha Boomer wanted a quiet divorce, but then her estranged husband Russ Rollins decided to stage the serving of his divorce papers live on air.

Russ Rollins, better known as Triple R on the Monsters in the Morning radio show, is divorcing his wife. Or rather, she is divorcing him.

Russ and Samantha happy times

Russ and Samantha happy times

What could have been a quiet and perhaps even amicable divorce from Samantha Boomer, turned into a bit of a PR disaster, however.

Then again, what can we expect of a so-called shock jock? They usually devise their stunts to gain some sort of exposure and not necessarily the good kind. But for some people any kind of exposure is good exposure.

Be that as it may, causing his estranged wife suffering was an unkind move. Russ Rollins should be used to getting reactions for the stunts he pulls. And a stunt it was. He was about to be served his divorce papers, but then asked the guy serving him to do so on air.

That means he was entirely aware that he would be served with his divorce papers, whilst it sounded on air as if he didn’t have any idea. Unfortunately it wasn’t him who received any backlash for his stunt, but his wife. People believed that the serving of the papers on air was in fact real and as a consequence they lashed out at Samantha via social media and even in her community.

In fact, it became known that the “public disgrace and embarrassment has caused so much pain and disruption” to Samantha that she even considered moving away with her family. It does not appear as if she indeed did move, but she certainly felt driven away.

Ultimately Samantha decided to hire famed women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred to sue her estranged husband and his employer iHeartMedia for defamation and invasion of privacy. The suit seeks damages for the emotional distress that has been caused to Samantha, because of the video that has been posted, which shows Russ being served the divorce papers and his reaction to it as well as other related social media posts and comments.

At the end of the day the stunt was pulled for profit and ratings and without consideration to the damage caused to Samantha.

A divorce is a painful experience under any circumstances. Wanting a quiet divorce of their five-year marriage was well within Samantha’s rights. But that has now been denied her. Given his callousness, we don’t really have to ask what led to the split to begin with.

Unfortunately we don’t know the current status of the suit against Russ Rollins or the settlement of his divorce from Samantha. In such cases the courts are not exactly known for speedy proceedings, so we have to assume that it is an ongoing situation.

We certainly hope that the outcome is satisfactory for Samantha and that she will get the divorce from Russ sooner rather than later.


Russ and Samantha pout

Russ and Samantha pout

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