Did the seven-year itch cause Ryan Merriman to divorce his first wife?

Ryan Merriman married his highschool sweetheart, but divorced her after seven years without explanation. Now he is married once more.

Not much is known about Ryan Merriman’s first marriage. He married Micol Duncan Merriman in 2004. She is said to have been his high school sweetheart. But Ryan wasn’t as big of a deal as he is now when they were married, so they were able to maintain their privacy during their marriage.

Micol Duncan Ryan’s first wife

Micol Duncan Ryan’s first wife

There don’t seem to be any images available of Micol and after their divorce she returned to her life of obscurity, which most people live. The only thing Ryan has ever said about the end of his marriage is that the relationship ran its course.

The so-called seven-year itch is often evoked when young marriages break apart. It has also been called a myth, because many couples married that long are usually likely to stay married beyond that. They’ve been through the worst together already and can weather many more storms to come.

But marriages that started out when both partners were still in their early 20s don’t have a high rate of success. Most people don’t really know themselves at that age and Ryan Merriman’s star was only beginning to shine in his mid-twenties, even though he wasa child-actor and has steadily worked in the industry for most of his young life.

Perhaps the seven-year itch shouldn’t be dismissed that easily, but rather seen in context. More mature couples will very likely be able to go beyond it into a long and successful marriage. But couples in their twenties, a decade in which most of us do a lot of growing up, may falter and eventually find that the spark has gone.

When a relationship has run its course it usually means that the partners have grown apart and that they have fallen out of love. Clearly that has happened in the case of Ryan and Micol as well. The lack of news to the contrary may also indicate that the divorce was reasonably amicable. Even though Ryan was a lot less well known at the time of the marriage, one would expect some news of an acrimonious marriage to have leaked. It would also seem unlikely that Ryan would have considered another marriage anytime soon. He doesn’t appear to have come out of it worse for wear.

After their divorce in 2011, Ryan moved on soon enough. When and how they met is not known, but on New Year’s Eve 2012 Ryan proposed to Kristen McMullen after an eventful evening. The couple likes their privacy – that much is certain. But Kristen has been seen out and about with Ryan and they seem to be very happy indeed.

Ryan said that he wasn’t worried about the wedding, the when and how and all the other particulars. He considered it Kristen’s day rather than his and was happy to go along with whatever she wanted. Eventually that meant a very private little ceremony in early September 2014. Obviously they didn’t rush the wedding.

Now 32 years old, Ryan should have grown up enough to hopefully make this marriage last. He would have learned a lesson or two in his first marriage, which should aid him in making the second one work a little better.

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Ryan & Kristen romantic photoshoot

Ryan & Kristen romantic photoshoot

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