Rutina Wesley divorced her husband four ago and is now ready to marry her girlfriend

Rutina Wesley married fellow Julliard student Jacob Fishel in 2005. After eight years of marriage she filed for divorce in 2013. Five years later she is engaged to her girlfriend, apparently ready to walk down the aisle again. We never knew the reason for her divorce. Perhaps it was more than her success?

A Julliard Marriage

Rutina Wesley is best known for her almost 7-year stint as Tara Thornton on True Blood, starring as Sookie’s best friend, who was a victim on multiple occasions and ended up being transformed into a vampire in order to have her life saved, in a manner of speaking anyway.

Rutina’s husband of eight years, Jacob Fishel, who is also an actor, is not really known for anything much. Rutina called him an incredible actor in the past, but he has had little chance to prove that.

The two attended the prestigious Juilliard School in New York together, where they spent four years studying their craft. Rutina said that after making it through four years at Juilliard, they thought they could make it through the rest of their lives together as well.

Unfortunately, they were wrong about that.

Divorcing after eight years

Rutina Wesley and Jacob Fishel look happy

Rutina Wesley and Jacob Fishel look happy

In August 2013 Rutina filed for divorce, citing the ever handy ‘irreconcilable differences’. She also asked, and this is the interesting part, that Jacob is denied any request for spousal support. Clearly being the more successful of the two, she didn’t seem to want to fork out any of her hard-earned money.

It is not known why precisely the couple broke up. Their vastly different success in their chosen career would likely have played a role. But it seems it took some time to become enough of an issue for the couple to separate. Jacob had never been very successful, to begin with, whereas Rutina worked for a solid seven years on a hugely successful TV show, even surviving being killed off!

How did the divorce end? Nobody seems to know or have cared enough to report on it. It may not have been amicable, but it can’t have been messy because it didn’t make the news at all.

Usually, couples wait six months in the US before the divorce can be finalized. That would mean that the divorce was as early as February 2014. But that can’t be confirmed as no date is listed anywhere. In fact, IMDB still lists both actors as married (with the divorce only being filed, but not finalized).

Since the split (and perhaps divorce) Jacob has worked on two movies, but neither was a big production and Jacob is still waiting for his breakthrough as an actor. Rutina, on the other hand, is very successful in her career, first starring in a guest role in the now-cancelled Hannibal and now starring in Queen Sugar.

Dating Shonda

For the longest time, it was unclear whether or not she was even back in the dating game, however. Truth be told, she may just have been too busy filming her various shows, which may not have left her with much time to date.

In any case, it didn’t look as if she was dating anyone seriously for a few years.

And then, in the second half of 2017, a woman began appearing in Rutina’s social media posts, especially on Instagram. Her name is Shonda and she is a chef and it eventually transpired that Rutina and Shonda were dating.

Nobody actually knows how long the two may have been seeing each other before Rutina started posting pictures of them together. It may have been a whirlwind romance; it may have gone on for some time prior to the first images showing up.

The couple certainly looks cosy and happy in those pictures.

Engaged to her girlfriend

Rutina only really came out and publicly confirmed the relationship when she posted several photos on Instagram, which announced her engagement to Shonda. Apparently, it was Shonda who proposed, because Rutina was the one who said ‘yes’ to her. And she shared a photo of her engagement ring as well.

That was late in November 2017.

Until the announcement, which was very lowkey, Rutina hadn’t really addressed the fact that she was dating another woman, at least not publicly.

Indeed, one might say that she likes to keep her private life private. Her first marriage was private, even though she became a star on True Blood in the meantime. And it would very much appear as if she is keeping her relationship to Shonda private as well.

One of these days we’ll hear about her bedding and maybe she posts a picture on Instagram once more, but that’ll be about it. And, honestly, that’ll be for the better. Actors who manage to keep their private lives and public lives separated tend to be the ones who make it and keep their relationships together. We wouldn’t want Rutina to find the “love of her life”, as she put it, just to get married and divorced again.


Rutina Wesley and Jacob Fishel at an event

Rutina Wesley and Jacob Fishel at an event

Jacob Fishel & Rutina Wesley happy days

Jacob Fishel & Rutina Wesley happy days

Rutina Wesley and Jacob Fishel hugging

Rutina Wesley and Jacob Fishel hugging

Jacob Fishel & Rutina Wesley dressed up pretty!

Jacob Fishel & Rutina Wesley dressed up pretty!

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