Russell Peters married Monica Diaz too soon and they ended up getting a divorce again

Russell Peters and Monica Diaz married in Las Vegas, more or less eloping because she was pregnant, and later realized that it had been a mistake.

Divorce finalized in 2012

It’s not known how long Russell Peters and Monica Diaz had been a couple before getting married, but Russell later admitted that marrying her was at least in part due to the fact that he had knocked her up.

They essentially eloped after he proposed to her at an airport. The two headed for Las Vegas and were married there in August 2010. In December that same year their daughter was born.

Monica Diaz and Russell Peters with daughter

Monica Diaz and Russell Peters with daughter

In photos the couple certainly looked happy enough, but Russell later admitted that the two hadn’t really thought their marriage through. All of a sudden they were a family and neither of them had been prepared that well. They got to know each other a lot better and eventually realized that they probably didn’t love each other enough to be in it for the long haul.

Having a child together is not a compelling reason to get married, even if it seems a good idea at the time. If you’ve not really lived with your partner to know them as well as you can hope to get to know them, you might be in for a surprise when you get married too soon.

And thus it was with Russell and Monica.

When he talked about the split it certainly sounded as if they arrived at the decision to divorce together. One of the reason to get a divorce sooner rather than later was their daughter. Often couples decide to stick it out, because they want their children to have both parents present in their lives. But often the couple ends up sacrificing their own happiness. And that certainly doesn’t make children happier or provides a more stable home for them.

So Russell and Monica decided to get the divorce over and done with before their daughter would get too used to having both of them around as a couple. In June 2012, when the split became public knowledge, the girl was not even two years old and thus had no understanding of the situation.

Given how busy Russell is, especially when he is on world tour, he is mostly an absent father anyway, though he does say he misses his daughter when he’s away. She is now four years old and used to the situation.

Russell said that he is not likely to get married again; it’s just not for him. Perhaps he’ll change his mind, if he finds someone he can imagine spending his life with. Never say never, after all.


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