Roger Waters’ fourth marriage ended in his most contentious divorce yet

Roger Waters was married four times and has recently finalized his latest and apparently most contentious divorce from fourth wife Laurie Durning.

Divorce finalized in December 2015

Roger Waters is best known as the former head of Pink Floyd. He’s also pretty well known for being cantankerous, which may make it unsurprising to hear that he’s been married and divorced four times.

Judy Trim Roger's first wife

Judy Trim Roger’s first wife

His first marriage was to childhood sweetheart Judy Trim. That was in 1969, but the couple divorced in 1975. They had no children, which made this a straightforward affair.

In 1976 Roger married Lady Carolyne Christie. One wonders if she had had anything to do with the end of his first marriage, given how closely his second marriage followed his first one. It’s also interesting to note that this marriage was not only his longest lasting one, but that it also produced his two eldest children.

His son Harry Waters is a musician as well and daughter India worked as a model.

But in 1992 that marriage ended as well and once more Roger didn’t waste any time when moving on. In 1993 he was already married again. This time to Priscilla Phillips with whom he has a son as well.

Once more the marriage didn’t last, however, and in 2001 it was divorced.

From 2002 onwards he was officially dating Laurie Durning, proving once again that Roger jumps from one long-term relationship to the next. It would not seem that he is able to be single for any period of time. Given his difficult nature, it seems almost surprising that he can hold a woman at all. But then there are his fame and fortune as well, which make just about anyone attractive. Not that we want to insinuate that Laurie was after his money.

Indeed, the couple was together for ten years before they had a secret wedding at their home in the Hamptons. And Laurie signed a prenup before the marriage as well. So it would certainly be unjust to consider her a gold-digger.

Lady Carolyne Christie Roger's second wife

Lady Carolyne Christie Roger’s second wife

Right after the wedding, Roger confessed to Howard Stern that he couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately that happiness didn’t last. In September 2015 it emerged that Roger had filed for divorce from his fourth wife. Apparently the two had been separated for some time and rumours made the rounds that Laurie had been telling friends in the Hamptons that they were divorcing.

Laurie had been living in the Hamptons mostly by herself over the last few months prior to the divorce news became widely known. Roger on the other hand had stayed at the New York apartment, working from there on his various projects.

In December the couple went before a court to have the divorce finalized, but Laurie reportedly threw a fit just before the papers were signed, because she wanted her expensive Rolex back.

The watch, said to be worth $35,000, was apparently the only thing she really cared about, but it had been in repair and the staff wouldn’t release the watch to Laurie, because it was under Roger’s name. But her estranged husband apparently cared little to get the watch back to Laurie, which prompted her to call him names in court.

She also went on record to say that the divorce was not an amicable one.

In the end the couple signed the divorce agreement, which was in accordance with the prenup, and parted ways for good. Roger was reportedly ordered to make sure Laurie gets her watch back as well.

We don’t know the details of the divorce settlement, because the prenup was sealed, but it emerged recently that Roger signed over the deed of a Soho apartment to Laurie, which indicates that it was part of the settlement.

At 72 years of age it seems unlikely that Roger will walk down the aisle again, but knowing him he should have a new lady-friend sooner rather than later.


Priscilla Phillips Roger's third wife

Priscilla Phillips Roger’s third wife

Laurie Durning Roger's fourth wife

Laurie Durning Roger’s fourth wife

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