Does Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s third marriage to Cheryl Hines even stand a chance?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been married three times. His first marriage ended in divorce, his second wife committed suicide, and his third wife’s friends question how she could have married him.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s first wife was his college sweetheart. The two walked down the aisle in 1982, but even then Robert is supposed to have cheated on Emily Black already. Those are the claims made in a book about him written by Jerry Oppenheimer.

Emily Ruth Black Robert's first wife

Emily Ruth Black Robert’s first wife

Robert allegedly cheated on Emily over and over again and is even said to have asked his second wife Mary Richardson for her hand in marriage before he was officially divorced from Emily. Chances are he cheated with Mary on his first wife.

It’s not quite clear how much Emily truly knew about her husband’s affairs. She must have known about his drug problems. After all, he was arrested in 1983 for possession. Drugs have reportedly been an issue for him over and over again throughout the years.

Still, Emily and Robert had two children together, but in 1992 they separated. It took them two more years to get divorced. It doesn’t seem as if the divorce had been overly contentious and therefore dragged out, however. In fact, the two went to the Dominican Republic and got a quickie divorce there in 1994.

Only three weeks after their divorce, Robert married his second wife Mary. With her he had four children. Needless to say that Robert hadn’t changed his ways from his previous marriage. He is said to have cheated on her as well. But it’s also been claimed that he demanded that she have a threesome with him and presumably another woman. It’s unknown whether or not Mary agreed.

How the two managed to stay together for 18 years and have four children is somewhat inconceivable. Robert seems to like to be married, but he cannot be faithful. Indeed, he doesn’t seem to believe in monogamy at all.

His allegations against Mary when he started divorce proceedings in 2010 were anything but pretty. According to Robert she had violent tendencies and once punched his eye and injured his tear duct, damaging it permanently.

Of course, at the same time he also came out with his relationship to Cheryl Hines.

Mary Richardson Robert's second wife

Mary Richardson Robert’s second wife

The divorce from Mary took a turn for the tragic when she committed suicide in May 2012. Oppenheimer’s book alleges that Mary had reached out to Robert for help, but he rebuffed her and is said to even have told her that she would be ‘better off dead’.

At her funeral Robert apparently said that Mary had been extraordinary and that his feelings for her were unlike any he ever had for another person.

In August 2014, then, he married Cheryl Hines.

But even on her he seems to have cheated already. Robert was supped to be deposed in the bitter divorce case between Chelsea and Laurence Kirwan. The divorce had been initiated by Chelsea in 2012 and Laurence wanted to prove that his estranged wife had cheated on him. But Robert reportedly agreed only to admit to his affair with Chelsea as long as it was made clear that her divorce from Laurence had already been filed at the time.

That would mean he had definitely cheated on Cheryl, of course.

Still, Cheryl married a man the world knew to be a womanizer and serial cheater. Her friends consider her crazy for marrying him and elsewhere it’s been said that Cheryl would need all the luck she could get in order to stay happily married. Given his track record she will definitely need more than just luck.

Robert is not known for changing his ways and even though he is 62 years old now, it doesn’t look as if he has significantly calmed down. He has aged well and is still an attractive man. So the question of whether or not he and Cheryl will have a happily ever after is certainly warranted.

For Cheryl’s sake one can only hope that the two manage to stay happy. But if the marriage should fall apart, many will probably say “told you so”.


Robert and Cheryl vacationing!

Robert and Cheryl vacationing!

Cheryl Hines Robert's third wife

Cheryl Hines Robert’s third wife

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