Randy Travis Gets Stung By Divorced Ex-Wife Elizabeth Robinson!

A flurry of lawsuits make an already sour breakup even worse for the singer whose marriage to his manager-wife ended after an affair.

Randy Travis with his first wife, Elizabeth Travis.

Randy Travis with his first wife, Elizabeth Travis.

Recent reports in the media suggest that a year after Randy Travis suffered a debilitating stroke, he still has the problem of being unable to speak. He still remains engaged to Mary Beougher.

Country Music Titan, Randy Travis has had a lot of unpleasantness happening to him in life, in the past few years. Not only has he exchanged some nasty lawsuits with his ex-wife, Elizabeth, but he is also passing through some critical health problems making his fans fear for his life.

Randy Travis met his first wife, Elizabeth Robinson, in 1977, when he was a seventeen year old wannabe singer; he had come to audition for the local weekly talent competition at her Country City USA nightclub. Elizabeth was a much older and already married woman for ten years to the co-owner of the club, Frank Hatcher. To help him out from his law problems, she invited the young man to stay with her and Frank. According to sources, Frank soon asked her to choose between Randy and himself and she chose Randy; the couple divorced in 1980. Despite contrary stories, Elizabeth has refuted the rumour that Randy was behind  her first marriage breaking up.

In 1991, fifteen years after the their first meeting, thirty two year old Randy Travis married forty eight year old Elizabeth or ‘Libby’ as she was more popularly known.

By this time, Libby had played a major role in making Randy a legend in the Country Music scene; she was his manager and mentor. But, there were obviously some trust issues in their nineteen year old marriage and thirty year old association, for in 2010, Libby was compelled to take the help of a hidden camera in Randy’s tour bus in order to catch her husband red-handed having an affair with her dentist’s wife and mother of two, Mary Beougher whom he had met when Libby had to visit the dentist. Divorce between Randy and Libby soon followed in the same year. Randy forsook the woman who, many credit to be instrumental in shaping him and launching him and was soon engaged to his lover. Randy continued to keep Libby on as his manager. Mary Beougher, too had to handle an unpleasant and messy divorce.Soon, Libby and Randy were involved in a spate of suits and countersuits! The opening salvo came from Libby who sued her second husband, Randy Travis and claimed that he had intentionally interfered with her job and had terminated her contract without any written notice. Randy replied with a counter suit claiming that she had breached the terms of her contract by revealing personal details and ruining his career.

It is to be hoped that saner counsels prevail between the two and they make peace.

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Randy Travis with fiancée, Mary Beougher.

Randy Travis with fiancée, Mary Beougher.

Randy spotted at Dolly Parton's concert.

Randy spotted at Dolly Parton’s concert.

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