Phil Collins and his ex-wives seem to have different stories to tell when it comes to their divorces

Phil Collins and his ex-wives have become part of music celebrity history. His divorces from all three have become somewhat infamous, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t want to get hitched again.

Divorces finalized in 1980, 1996 and 2007
Divorce finalized in 1995

As far as we know Phil Collins is currently seeing TV newsreader Dana Tyler, who lives in New York. The two have been together since about 2008, though they met in 2006.

Andrea Bertorelli Phil Collins' first wife

Andrea Bertorelli Phil Collins’ first wife

Given the long-term nature of their relationship one is inclined to ask, if the couple will ever get married. But Phil Collins has repeatedly said that he can’t see himself getting married again and he just doesn’t consider himself the type for it.

For most of his career he has been married to his music first and foremost and now that he decided to take life and work a little easier, which puts him in a position to finally become a good husband, he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

When Phil married Andrea Bertorelli in 1975 the two had already known each other for half of their young lives. They were 24 when they married and Phil was at the beginning of his stardom. He adopted Andrea’s daughter from a previous relationship and then had son Simon with her. But he was an absent father.

Peter Gabriel left Genesis and Phil became the new front man and singer of the band. Barely two days after the birth of his first biological child he went on world tour for two years with his band.

Jill Tavelman Phil's second wife and daughter Lily

Jill Tavelman Phil’s second wife and daughter Lily

Whilst he came home during breaks and Andrea visited him here and there, the marriage was doomed. Andrea knew it as soon as he told her that he was going on tour. She went on record saying that she felt lonely and abandoned and ultimately had a brief affair with a man, who could be considered an interior decorator.

When Phil came home she confessed. They tried to reconcile, but Andrea said that Phil was not easy to live with and that he would rage frequently. Phil apparently also cheated on Andrea and it was eventually she who filed for divorce after only five years of marriage.

His song In the Air Tonight ultimately dealt with their break-up and his heartbreak, but Andrea’s side of the story wasn’t heard until she went public last year. She said that his super hit caused her a great deal of pain and made her the focus of unwanted attention, which is why she decided to return to her hometown Toronto, taking both children with her.

In 1984 Phil married Jill Tavelman. With her he had daughter Lily and just like Andrea before her Jill found out that Phil had a temper and was married to his work. Again he proved to be an absent father and husband. He didn’t even speak to his daughter on the phone, because he needed to rest his vocal chords, and sent her faxes instead.

Orianne Cevey Phil's third wife

Orianne Cevey Phil’s third wife

Somehow the couple remained married until 1996, when their divorce was finalized. His habit of communicating by fax seems to have resulted in the rumour that he also informed Jill of the end of their marriage via fax. Many years later he denied that particular piece of information. But much of their conversation regarding their divorce and its settlement was indeed communicated via fax.

Jill won £17 million in her divorce settlement.

At the time he already knew wife number 3, Orianne Cevey. He had met her in 1994, when she was only 22 years old and therefore 22 years his junior.

It’s safe to say that he left Jill for her.

The couple had a big wedding ceremony in 1999 with about 300 guests, among them many celebrities. Orianne is from Switzerland and Phil decided to move there for her. It’s been claimed that he wanted to avoid excessive tax payments in the UK, but his reason for moving and staying seem entirely legitimate.

Dana Tyler-Phil's current dating partner

Dana Tyler-Phil’s current dating partner

He had two sons with Orianne, which caused him to semi-retire from the entertainment industry. He didn’t want to repeat previous mistakes and instead decided to be a real father to his sons. Whilst he had been estranged from his oldest children for many years, he is now closer to them again.

Phil and Orianne divorced in January 2007. Phil said the demise of their relationship was mostly a result of misunderstandings and miscommunication. But he claims that the two still love each other very much. She continues to live in their Geneva mansion and received £25 million in divorce settlements.

Phil decided to stay in Switzerland to be close to his sons, who aren’t even teenagers yet.

He once claimed that he and his ex-wives all get along and that he can sit down to dinner with all three of them without fighting. Given that his first ex-wife seems less than thrilled with his capitalization of their break-up and the rather bitter divorce from his second wife, we don’t know how much truth there is to the statement.

At this stage it’s hard to believe that he would indeed get married again. But he’s certainly not too old to be beyond marrying age.


Orianne Cevey and Phil Collins dayout

Orianne Cevey and Phil Collins dayout

Dana Tyler and Phil Collins snapped at an event

Dana Tyler and Phil Collins snapped at an event

Dana Tyler and Phil Collins look great together

Dana Tyler and Phil Collins look great together


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