Nicolette Sheridan’s mysterious six-month marriage ends in divorce

Nicolette Sheridan has certainly had an eventful dating life. She was married briefly to Harry Hamlin, who divorced her in 1993. Last December she married in secret only to get divorced seven months later.

Harry Hamlin Nicollette's first husband

Harry Hamlin Nicollette’s first husband

Nicolette Sheridan was first married in 1991. Her husband was actor Harry Hamlin, who she met on the set of the TV movie Deceptions. He filed for divorce only a year later, but what led to the split is not actually known. Their divorce was finalized in early 1993.

Nicolette moved on quickly with Michael Bolton and the two were together for a whole five years before splitting up.

Considering that Nicolette is a former model, she was never short of suitors. She became engaged once more in 2004 to personal trainer Nicklas Söderblom, but in October 2005 that relationship ended as well.

After this engagement ended, Nicolette reconnected with ex Michael Bolton and the two even became engaged in 2006. They were together for another two years, during the height of her Desperate Housewives career. But in August 2008 their relationship ended once more and this time apparently for good.

Only a year later her Desperate Housewives character was killed off, which prompted Nicolette to sue ABC for various reasons. She ended up in litigation for the next five years, though ultimately all her attempts were either dismissed or ended in mistrial. Nicolette was not very successful and her career has stalled as of 2013.

We don’t know much about her romantic life during these years, but eventually she was seen out and about with Aaron Phypers in 2014. He is a number of years younger than her and we don’t really know where he came from or what he does for a living. He seems to have a listing on IMDB with exactly two acting credits to his name. So perhaps the couple met at an industry event.

Nicollette with personal trainer and boyfriend Nicklas Söderblom

Nicollette with personal trainer and boyfriend Nicklas Söderblom

Be that as it may, in December 2015 the two secretly tied the knot.

Nicolette certainly looks happy in pictures with him, but apparently their relationship was doomed to fail. In July it emerged that she had filed for divorce and that the couple separated in June already. Nicolette merely cited irreconcilable differences and asked that the court deny Aaron spousal support. In return she doesn’t want spousal support either, though, and her filed documents show that she and Aaron own no shared property.

This is, thus far, the only things we know about their divorce. It seems pretty clear cut and if Aaron is not intent on fighting his estranged wife of only six month for money, the divorce should go ahead without a hitch.

The whole thing does seem somewhat dubious, of course. Nicolette isn’t exactly media fodder any more, but this weird secret marriage and subsequent divorce filing have brought the focus back on her, at least for a while. One wonders if she isn’t fishing for attention with this little stunt.

If she was genuinely in love with Aaron and wanted this marriage, which is entirely possible, he could also be at fault here and may have simply used her former fame to become sort of known as well.

It’s hard to know, especially since nothing much seems to have happened since the divorce was filed. Of course, the news may simply not have picked up on anything just yet.

Nicolette doesn’t seem cut out for stable long-term relationships. That’s at least what her track record suggests. Hopefully this divorce will go over as painlessly as possible and she gets to move on soon.


Nicollette with second husband Aaron Phypers

Nicollette with second husband Aaron Phypers

Michael Bolton Nicollette's ex fiance

Michael Bolton Nicollette’s ex fiance

Michael and Nicollette snapped at an event

Michael and Nicollette snapped at an event

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