Nicolas Cage has been married and divorced three times now – will he take the plunge again?

Nicolas Cage has been married to three very different women under very different circumstances. One of his marriages lasted only 3 months and all divorces took more than a year to finalize. He’s moved on from his last marriage, but will he take the plunge a fourth time?

Proposing on the spot

Lisa Marie Presley Nicolas' second wife

Lisa Marie Presley Nicolas’ second wife

We know surprisingly little about Nicolas Cage’s first marriage to Patricia Arquette. The two are said to have met in 1987. And Nicolas proposed to her on the spot. Was it love at first sight? Perhaps, but for the time being the two didn’t become a couple. Patricia accepted the proposal under the condition that he obtain an autograph from JD Salinger and that he find her a black orchid. Nicolas accepted the challenge but ended up cheating with the orchid when he died a purple one black.

Be that as it may, Nicolas began dating Christina Fulton in 1988 and had a son with her, Weston, who was born in 1990. The relationship ended, however, and Nicolas never married Christina.

Instead, he resumed his relationship to Patricia, whom he finally married in 1995. But after only 9 months the two separated. We don’t know whether they reconciled afterwards, but it seems likely because Nicolas only filed for divorce from Patricia in February 2001. He then attempted to win her back, but by November the relationship was officially over.

If you want to learn all of his secrets, good news: he’s planning on writing a book to tell you all about it!

Cage has taken home a number of awards for his work in American films.

Swapping Patricia for Lisa Marie

His attempts to win Patricia back didn’t last very long because he had already begun seeing Lisa Marie Presley. Nicolas was a self-professed mega-fan of her father Elvis and sometimes it seems as if his biggest regret was not to have met his father-in-law.

The two married in August 2002, after his divorce from Patricia was finalized. Their marriage didn’t last long at all, and it makes it almost as peculiar as Lisa Marie’s two-year marriage to Michael Jackson.

Nicolas and Lisa Marie broke things off after less than four months of marriage, but it took until May 2004 for the divorce to be finalized. It’s unclear what took so long because there wasn’t much to the division of assets after such a short marriage and neither party wanted spousal support.

Outside his zip code

By that time Nicolas had already moved on with Alice Kim, who was a waitress at the time and only 19 years old. They met sometime in 2003.

Alice Kim Nicolas' third wife

Alice Kim Nicolas’ third wife

Nicolas was very conscious of their age difference, especially since his future mother-in-law was against the union, declaring her daughter too young for him.

Oddly, he said of his Korean wife that she was far outside his zip code and that he made a very conscious decision about marrying so far outside his zip code. He married Alice for love, or so he claims. That was in July 20004.

And she must have loved him as well because she did give birth to their son Kal-El (yes, that’s the real name of comic action hero Clark Kent alias Superman) in 2005.

But the love didn’t last, and chances are that the age difference and perhaps cultural differences caught up with the couple. It’s been reported that Alice cheated on her husband and that he didn’t want to divorce her right away. But the two did separate in 2016 and as of 2017, the divorce appears to have been final, though we have no details about that at all.

Will there be a fourth wedding?

Nicolas Cage is never one to remain single for long. Lately, he’s been linked to a woman named Erika Koike, who is said to be a make-up artist. She is also significantly younger than the 54-year old, but we know very little about her.

Thus, it is also very difficult to say whether Nicolas might want to marry her or not. Thus far he’s been fairly quick about taking the women he’s been with on a more serious level down the aisle.

At his age, he might finally want to settle down for good. But being a three-time divorcee doesn’t necessarily inspire to get married once more.

And considering how unlucky he’s been with his marriages, perhaps it’s better to not take the plunge again.


Lisa and Nicolas look stunning together

Lisa and Nicolas look stunning together

Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage all smiles!

Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage all smiles!

Nicolas' current girlfriend Erika Koike

Nicolas’ current girlfriend Erika Koike

Patricia and Nicolas at an Awards

Patricia and Nicolas at an Awards

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