NeNe Leakes is happily remarried to her first husband Gregg – but why did they divorce at all?

NeNe Leakes was married to Gregg Leakes for 13 years before filing for divorce. She didn’t want to divorce him, but also wanted him to learn a lesson. Two years later they remarried.

Divorce finalized in 2011

NeNe with husband Gregg

NeNe with husband Gregg

Couples who divorce and later remarry are a bit of a conundrum. Many couples go through rough patches, suffer ups and downs, split up and get back together. But not many couples actually go through the pain and hassle of divorce just to remarry once again.

Usually people, who break up for a time, realise that they don’t want to be without the other after all and reconcile. Sometimes they’re stronger than ever and make their relationship last. Other times they don’t resolve the issues that led to the break-up to begin with and later unravel once again.

So what was the case between NeNe Leakes and her husband Gregg?

The two met in 1996. One of his oldest sons claimed that his father met NeNe at a gentleman’s club, where she worked. It’s also been said that he was still married at the time.

NeNe was apparently free to pursue a relationship, but she already had two sons of her own. Gregg was proud father of five.

Whatever the case may be, NeNe and Gregg married in 1997, clearly both legally able to do so. Whilst they had no children together, they raised at least NeNe’s sons together. It’s unclear how involved she was in raising Gregg’s still underage children, but it has repeatedly been said that his children weren’t welcoming of her. She might have been their stepmother on paper, but that seems to have been the end of it.

In 2008 NeNe first appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Whilst it’s been a few years since then, we can certainly assume that Gregg was seen once in a while as well. The husbands of the housewives never appear as much as the ladies do. It is difficult to find out nowadays how much the unravelling of their marriage was part of the show.

NeNe and Gregg clicked together

NeNe and Gregg clicked together

For the longest time NeNe denied that she and Gregg might be headed for divorce. She did admit to ups and downs in the relationship, but denied that divorce was an option. One of Gregg’s oldest sons, however, told everyone who wanted to hear about it that divorce was not a question of if but of when.

Eventually it was Gregg who reportedly filed for divorce in 2010. It has been hinted at by NeNe that Gregg might have cheated on her. At least a wandering eye on his part can be assumed. She did say that he can’t go and get something somewhere else, if he can’t have it with her. It’s either her or nobody at all. She also said that she didn’t really want to divorce him, but apparently she felt she had no choice.

So divorced they were in 2011.

After the divorce she tried to move on as best as possible and even went out on dates. Much of that was seen on RHOA, of course, but NeNe later said that she really didn’t feel as if this was going to work out for her.

Sometime in 2012 she and Gregg gave it another try. How long they had been seeing each other before it become officially known is not clear. They were likely never truly gone from each other’s lives, but they weren’t together either.

On New Year’s Day 2013 she accepted his proposal to get married again and in June that same year they married in a lavish ceremony.

Before they walked down the aisle, she made him sign a pre-nup. The whole situation did not go down without drama, of course. At least some of it could be seen on I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, her spin-off show from RHOA. She talked about the pre-nup and some of the pre-wedding drama that went down.

Ultimately the two did take the plunge once again and the celebrations are said to have cost several million dollar. You better be sure about your relationship in order to splash out that much money.

For now NeNe and Gregg appear to be happy. She even seems to have a better relationship to his children this time around. The two have repeatedly confirmed that they love each other and whilst they are still occasionally haunted by rumours of trouble in paradise, they are holding strong.

One can only hope that the two won’t regret getting married for a second time.


NeNe and Gregg snapped at an event

NeNe and Gregg snapped at an event

NeNe and Gregg say cheese

NeNe and Gregg say cheese

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