Neil Diamond is not planning on getting another divorce – happily married for the third time

Whilst it’s always been said that Neil Diamond’s second divorce was one of the most expensive of all time, he has since remarried and has no plans of getting another divorce.

Divorce finalized in 1995

In April 2012 Neil Diamond married for the last time. He was 71 at the time and he had no plans on ever getting a fourth wife. And whilst his wife Katie McNeil, a co-producer on a documentary he made, is 30 years his junior, the two have been going strong.

Jayne Posner Neil's first wife

Jayne Posner Neil’s first wife

Neil first married his high school sweetheart Jayne Posner in 1963 and had two daughters with her. They divorced in 1969 after only six years of marriage.

The reason for their divorce became very evident when he married Marcia Murphey in 1969, a few months after his divorce. They stayed together for 25 years and had two sons together. And although such a long union should be considered a success, if you hear Neil Diamond talking about his happiness and loneliness in life, one is tempted to wonder why he was married to Marcia for such a long time.

In 1994 the couple split and in 1995 the divorce was finalized. And everybody seemed to know that Marcia received nearly £100 million or $150 million in the process. Curiously Neil never really commented on that and apparently neither did Marcia. But in December 2012 he said that the amount wasn’t actually true. The media simply made it up and since it was never denied, it has been oft-cited.

Neil said that musicians don’t make that much money, not even when they’re of his calibre. It was said at the time that Neil had to hand over half his assets to Marcia and that he had even said that she was worth every penny.

Whilst the quote itself might be true, it doesn’t seem to be in reference to the $150 million, but whatever he paid her instead.

It does seem that Neil holds both his ex-wives in high regard and has called them fantastic women. The blame for his divorces seems to lay squarely with him. He’s called himself a high maintenance husband, who is essentially married to his work and expects his wife to support him fully. To the extent that she has to give up her own job. In turn he would, however, tend to her needs just as much as she would to his.

That does indeed sound like high maintenance.

Interestingly he also said that finding Katie took him 70 years. He has never been happier than he is with her and although he’s always been in some form of long-term relationship with a woman, he has spoken of being lonely throughout those 70 years.

Not many people find love again at his age, especially not with someone significantly younger. As long as he’s happy nobody should begrudge him that.

We are just curious why Neil never clarified that he didn’t give Marcia such a huge sum of money and why he only mentioned it off-handedly after he was married for a third time.


Neil with second wife Marcia Murphey

Neil with his current wife Katie

Neil with his current wife Katie

Neil and Katie snapped at an event

Neil and Katie snapped at an event

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