Reba McEntire quickly finalized divorce after announcing shock separation

Narvel Blackstock has been Reba McEntire’s manager for 35 years and her husband for 26. After their shock separation the divorce was soon finalized and Narvel has moved on.

Divorce finalized in October 2015

When Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock announced their separation last year in August, it quickly became clear that the couple had been separated for some time already.

Narvel Blackstock with first wife Reba McEntire

Narvel Blackstock with first wife Reba McEntire

The two had been married for 26 years prior to making the announcement and it came as a particular shock to fans, who never had a clue that anything was amiss. At the time the two announced that they would continue as friends and that they would continue their business partnership as well; Narvel is Reba’s manager, after all.

It turns out, though, that it wasn’t Reba who was the driving force behind the divorce. It had been Narvel. Not long ago Reba confessed that the divorce wasn’t her idea and if she’d had her way, the couple wouldn’t have divorced.

But she was unwilling to hold onto someone, who didn’t want to be held onto. Narvel apparently didn’t want to be married any longer and so Reba had to accept that and let him go. It was surely a hard pill to swallow, but it was also the right thing to do.

If one person isn’t happy anymore in a relationship and nothing the other person is doing can change that, then the two should no longer be in a relationship. Reba wanted for Narvel to be happy, even if that meant he would be happy with someone else.

The divorce was quietly finalized in October 2015, which Reba confirmed only in December. For once a high-profile couple actually managed to keep their private affairs private. The public hadn’t even known that the divorce had been filed. Accordingly the details of the divorce are also unknown. Reba hasn’t spoken about them and it would not be polite to ask.

Whilst she didn’t want to end her marriage, she seems happy enough these days. She said that it was mostly God, who helped her through these hard times. In other words, her faith helped her above anything else. Though her music would have helped as well and the never-ending and unfailing support of her family and friends. Apparently her daughter-in-law, Kelly Clarkson, had hoped for Reba and Narvel to stay married. She reportedly urged the two to give it another try, but it had obviously been to no avail.

Reba, refreshingly, also admitted that Cullen Bohannon had proven a good distraction during her most difficult times. Whilst some may wonder who this man might be and why we haven’t seen him at her side, others will recognize the name as a character from the AMC show Hell on Wheels. It would seem heart-broken superstars are not beyond binge-watching TV shows to get them through tough times.

Narvel on the other hand has been reported to be seeing a close friend of Reba’s, real estate agent Laura Putty Stroud. Some sources claim Laura is a best friend to Reba, but that has not been confirmed. The two are friends, though. Whilst it’s been claimed that Laura and Narvel are serious enough about each other that some are already hearing wedding bells, there is no official confirmation from anyone. Reba hasn’t spoken on the matter and since the rumour first emerged, it doesn’t seem as if much else has been reported on it.

We therefore don’t really know if Narvel has truly moved on or not. Reba at least said that the two are still friends, which is worth something as well. We wish them luck either way.


Reba and Narvel arrive at an event together

Reba and Narvel arrive at an event together

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