Nadia Khan asked for a divorce that her husband didn’t want to give her

Nadia Khan has already been divorced once when she married Khawar Iqbal. This year she appears to have divorced her second husband as well, but he wasn’t entirely up for it

Secular marriage appears to be a much easier process than religious marriage. The same is true for a secular divorce as opposed to a religious divorce. A couple who marries secularly and religiously has it doubly difficult to get divorced when things don’t go according to plan.

Nadia and Khawar stunning in black

Nadia and Khawar stunning in black

Nadia Khan, a TV-host from Pakistan, had already been married once before. We don’t know when or to whom, because there’s not enough information out there to confirm either. But it’s accepted knowledge that she’s been married once before she was married to Khawar Iqbal.

We also don’t know how long those two have been married. Let’s assume they were married a handful of years. In 2012 the blogosphere was abuzz with news that Nadia Khan wanted to divorce for the second time, which is apparently most unusual.

And it’s been reported that Khawar didn’t want to get divorced and even contested the divorce in front of a bench of three justices. It has been said that Nadia was not actually allowed to divorce Khawar according to Islamic law. That was his interpretation of the situation anyway. He did not consent to the divorce and therefore she couldn’t have it.

At the same time it had been argued that Nadia had made provisions in her marriage certificate that she would be allowed to divorce her husband whenever she deemed it necessary. Usually in Islamic law women can ask for a divorce, but the men are the ones to give it. In Nadia’s case she had the right as per her marriage contract that she would also be able to give a divorce.

Whilst we don’t know what the three justices decided, it does appear as if Nadia can be considered a divorcee these days.

When she requested the divorce, she had already been living apart from Khawar and ultimately it would have made very little sense for him not to agree to the marriage. She had moved out and wanted to move on. He had no way of holding onto her.

Nadia Khan certainly seems to be an independent spirit. She has not remarried as far as we know. There certainly seems to be no indication of it.


Nadia and Khawar gorgeous in traditionals

Nadia and Khawar gorgeous in traditionals

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