Morgan Spurlock takes the blame in his divorce from Alex Jamieson

Together they conceived Super Size Me and married two years after its success in 2004. They had a son together, but ultimately Morgan Spurlock and Alex Jamieson divorced.

Divorce finalized in 2011

Morgan Spurlock and Alex Jamieson have known each other for many years. They were dating in 2004 when they came up with the idea for Super Size Me. And she was the one who nursed him back to health in its aftermath.

They were married in 2006. Then they had son Laken.

Alex Jamieson and Morgan Spurlock happy days

Alex Jamieson and Morgan Spurlock happy days

Whilst Alex was pregnant with their son, however, Morgan decided to visit Afghanistan and go looking for Osama bin Laden, making a new documentary about it. Needless to say he didn’t choose the best of times to embark on such a dangerous quest. He wasn’t exactly travelling around safe zones, either.

Alex was worried about him and would certainly have felt left behind. She apparently didn’t even know the true danger he was in, which left her feeling betrayed in the end.

Ultimately he returned. Laken was born and the couple held it together for a little while longer. There are few details available on their divorce, though, so we don’t know when it was filed. It’s safe to assume that Alex was the one filing for it, however.

On her blog she says that she went through a divorce over the last few years. That was at the end of December 2011, which suggests that she filed at least in 2010.

We know that the divorce was settled at some point in 2011 and that Morgan and Alex share custody of their son. But that’s about it.

In the aftermath of the divorce Alex found herself letting go of being a vegan. The stress of her divorce contributed to that decision, but also changes within her body and the fact that her needs were new ones from when she was 25 and first changed her diet accordingly. It wasn’t an easy decision to make and one that was riddled with guilt, but she did what was best for her, already feeling guilty enough over her divorce and the stress it had caused.

But Morgan took the blame for the divorce, pretty much all of it. He was single-minded in his approach to his work and didn’t invest the same passion into his marriage. He had been with Alex so long that he took her for granted. A mistake he only acknowledged after it was too late.

It’s certainly rare for us to write about a divorce where one of the parties takes all of the blame. Usually we’re left guessing as to what went wrong or if certain rumours are true. But Morgan Spurlock is nothing if not candid and open in his approach to pretty much anything. So it shouldn’t surprise us that he takes the blame.

He does miss his son, even though he makes every effort to see him. But his life is not suited to stick in one place all the time. The stories he seeks are everywhere else but on his doorstep.

Morgan has moved on and has been dating again, though we don’t know what the current status of that is.


Kyra Morgan's current wife

Kyra Morgan’s current wife

Alex and Morgan snapped at an event

Alex and Morgan snapped at an event

Alex and Morgan look happy

Alex and Morgan look happy

Alex and Morgan look cheerful

Alex and Morgan look cheerful

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