Mick Fleetwood has long moved on with a new partner when his fourth divorce was finalized

Mick Fleetwood has been married and divorced four times to three different women. Whilst he can’t hold down a marriage for long, he also can’t be single.

Divorce finalized in November 2015

Some people, men as well as women, don’t seem to be able to be alone for very long. They either fall from one long-term relationship into the next or they are serial daters, changing partners like others change the sheets.

Jenny Boyd Mick's first wife

Jenny Boyd Mick’s first wife

One of those people seems to be Mick Fleetwood. The man has now been married four times and he’s been divorced an equal number of times. But he’s been back in a long-term relationship long before his last divorce had even been finalized.

Granted, though, Mick Fleetwood is a rock star and a colourful character. There weren’t many moments in his life that he had to himself to begin with and he has never really been single. At least not for long.

His first wife was Jenny Boyd, whom he married for the first time in 1970. Fleetwood Mac was in its heyday then and Jenny was not part of the in-crowd. In his autobiography, which Jenny helped Mick write, he explained that she was either sober, pregnant or unwell because of a bad reaction to drugs.

Mick and Jenny had two daughters together during the seven years of their first marriage. Then he cheated on her with Stevie Nicks. And in turn her cheated on Stevie with her best friend Sara, who ended up being Mick’s second wife.

Jenny forgave Mick eventually, as did Stevie. Though his marriage to Sara was doomed. The two were ostracised by pretty much everyone around them. Eventually the divorce came and Mick re-married Jenny. This time around the marriage didn’t last long at all and the two went their separate ways once more.

Still, to this day Mick says he loves Jenny and that the two remain very close friends. He considers Stevie Nicks a soulmate, though their relationship didn’t last either. But their connection remains meaningful.

Stevie Nicks Mick's one time girlfriend

Stevie Nicks Mick’s one time girlfriend

Interestingly Mick does not have a relationship to Sara any longer. The two didn’t have children together either, so there seems little reason to remain in contact.

In 1995, then, Mick married his third wife Lynn. The two had twin daughters in 2002 and their marriage ended up being Mick’s longest. After his wild years in the 70s and continued drug addiction problems and bankruptcies in the 80s and 90s, it seemed as if Mick might have finally calmed down a little. He certainly seemed a lot more settled during the past 20 years.

But somehow Mick’s fourth marriage wasn’t his last either. In 2013 he filed for legal separation. It’s not clear when the estranged couple filed for divorce, but it was finalized in November 2015. No details of the divorce arrangement were made public, but Mick did request joint legal custody for their daughters initially and Lynn was to have primary physical custody.

Spousal or child support agreements are also unknown, but they are likely in place. Of course, there’s a high likelihood that the two had a prenup. But after nearly 20 years together, it seems quite likely that Mick would take care of his ex-wife and their two teenage daughters. Lynn and Mick are still in contact and the divorce does not seem to have been contentious.

Meanwhile Mick has long since moved on with his new partner Chelsea Hill. The two have been together for about two years now, perhaps even longer. Clearly Mick does not like the single life, but whether or not he will get married again remains to be seen.

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Lynn Susan Mick's third wife

Lynn Susan Mick’s third wife

Mick with current dating partner Chelsea Hill (centre)

Mick with current dating partner Chelsea Hill (centre)

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