Michelle Branch and Teddy Landau’s amicable divorce was nearly two years in the making

Michelle Branch married at only 20 years old. Ten years later she separated from her husband Teddy Landau and almost two years after that the divorce was finalized.

Divorce finalized in November 2015

Michelle Branch met Teddy Landau when he became her bassist. The two worked together before they started dating and eventually married in 2004. Two years into their marriage Michelle admitted that it had been a rocky start.

Michelle and Teddy cozying

Michelle and Teddy cozying

But that was not so much due to any problems the couple might have had, but because of her family. Teddy is 19 years older than Michelle and her family had a bit of a problem with that. It also didn’t help that he was a musician. For all intents and purposes her family seemed to be of the opinion that Michelle shouldn’t marry one of those. And they didn’t want to be closer in age to their son-in-law than their daughter was.

Michelle and Teddy were undeterred and eventually her family learned to love him as well. Michelle said that it would have been rather unrealistic of her parents to expect her to marry someone with a more regular job. She wasn’t going to meet an accountant in her line of work, whom she might have hit it off with as easily.

Their daughter Owen Isabelle was born in 2005 and the happy family was complete.

Michelle and Teddy rarely made the news outside of their lives as musicians. For all we know they were happy at home and had a good life together.

Michelle and Teddy pose with a guitar

Michelle and Teddy pose with a guitar

But in January 2014 it was announced that the couple was separating. No particular reasons were given. The estranged couple preferred their privacy. They probably also considered their daughter in the matter, who shouldn’t be exposed to negative news about her parents.

For more than a year after the separation was announced, nothing much happened. Michelle was moving on and dated Dead Sara bassist Chris Null for a while. The relationship didn’t last.

In February 2015, then, news made the rounds that Michelle had filed for divorce. She had done so without the help of a lawyer and asked for joint legal and physical custody of daughter Owen. As the reason for the split she merely cited irreconcilable differences.

Neither Michelle nor Teddy have ever spoken about their divorce, which means we don’t really know what happened. Perhaps the age difference caught up with the couple, after all. But given how young Michelle was when she married Teddy, she may simply have outgrown him. People grow up a lot in their 20s and that was certainly the case for Michelle as well. Ten years into her marriage she might have looked around and found that she no longer wanted to be married.

The couple managed to keep things amicable and worked out their settlement without any lawyers, which is certainly commendable. When the divorce was finalized in November 2015, Michelle retained all rights to her music, Teddy got a car and a truck as well as some property and the two would share custody of their daughter equally, deciding on a week on/week off schedule.

Nowadays Michelle is a single and hands-on mother and doesn’t seem to be very interested in dating anyway.

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Michelle and Teddy look great together

Michelle and Teddy look great together

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