Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy split after a 5-year engagement

Two-times divorcee Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy split after being engaged for 5 years. What ended this long engagement?

Michael Strahan has been divorced twice, Nicole Murphy once. The two have been together for seven years and engaged for five of them. Now they have called it quits.

Jean Muggli Michael Strahan's first wife

Jean Muggli Michael Strahan’s first wife

Michael was married to his first wife until 1996. They have two children together and apart from a few facts, not much seems to be public knowledge about their marriage. He certainly paid child support for both children, who are now 19 and 22 years old.

His second marriage and especially his second divorce garnered much more attention, however. Married in 1999, he had twin daughters with Jean Muggli in 2004. The couple was divorced only two years after the birth of the girls in a rather ugly court battle.

Whilst Michael was accused of abusing his wife, cheating on her and apparently secretly videotaping her younger sister, he in turn complained about her overspending. Granted, $22,500 for photographs and $27,000 for clothes per year as well as$1,700 in sign language classes, though neither daughter is hearing impaired, does seem a little excessive.

But none of the accusations actually mattered in court, because New Jersey is a no-fault divorce state. Thus it would seem that the exes only hurled accusations at each other out of spite.

In the end the divorce cost Michael Strahan dearly. Jean Muggli was awarded a $15 million settlement and $18,000 in monthly child support. Given that this amounted to more than half his assets, Strahan appealed, but to no avail. Instead the judge ordered Strahan’s mansion to be auctioned off and the money to be split evenly with his ex-wife.

It would appear, however, that Michael Strahan recovered easily enough. In 2007 he began dating Nicole Murphy. His record-breaking NFL career ended in 2008 when he retired and in 2012 he became co-host on Life! With Kelly and Michael, launching a rather successful career on TV.

Michael & Nicole at a sports event

Michael & Nicole at a sports event

Nicole had been married to Eddie Murphy for thirteen years and had five children with him. They divorced in 2005. When she met Michael, she was reportedly still hesitant to get back into the dating scene, but he quickly won her over with his charm.

For most of their relationship they were a dream team. Nicole is without a doubt an absolutely stunning woman, who has worked on a career for herself. And Michael seems to be quite a ladies’ man, who is very popular. They were seen as a celebrity power couple and a wedding was long-awaited.

Unfortunately it never happened. It is said that Nicole stalled, because of disagreements in their pre-nup arrangements. When Michael became co-host of Life! With Kelly and Michael, he moved to New York, which turned their relationship into a long-distance one. Nicole would spend three weeks in L.A. and then one week in New York.

Their lives grew more and more apart. That is most certainly not conducive to a successful relationship, but they kept it up for another two years. Earlier this year, however, they both accused each other of unfaithfulness. First Nicole accused him of cheating, then Michael accused her of the same.

It does not look as if any more details will emerge about their relationship or its end. They called it quits in due time and it seems that their relationship has simply run its course. Given that they are indeed living in different cities and any long-distance relationship is difficult to maintain, they may actually have made an adult decision here, no matter what rumors may otherwise be flying around.Publicly they only announced that their busy work schedules simply kept them apart and that they love each other very much, but would continue as friends from here on in. Whilst lunching together recently, Michael was reportedly very insistent with Nicole that he does not wish her to talk about their relationship at all. He is certainly known to be a private man, which he has made repeatedly known in interviews.

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Nicole Michael look great together

Nicole Michael look great together

Michael and Nicole pose for a photoshoot

Michael and Nicole pose for a photoshoot

Eddie Murphy Nicole's first husband

Eddie Murphy Nicole’s first husband

Nicole & Michael with their daughters

Nicole & Michael with their daughters

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