Catherine Zeta-Jones promised to never get divorced and has thus far kept that promise

Catherine Zeta-Jones once promised that she would never get a divorce. That was three years into her marriage. Michael Douglas once expressed regret about not having divorced his first wife sooner. The actors have celebrated 15 years together with lots of ups and downs.

Only three years into her marriage to Michael Douglas did Catherine Zeta-Jones say that a divorce was not only not in the cards for her, but that she found the very thought of it repulsive. Still, she and Michael signed a prenup which would grant her £1 million for every year they are married as well as £3 million for every woman he may cheat on her with.

Diandra Luker Michael's first wife

Diandra Luker Michael’s first wife

It’s a reasonably sensible move, because Michael had previously been treated for sex addiction, having cheated many times on his first wife Diandra. He was married to her for 20 years and said that they should have called it quits 8 or even 10 years earlier. He even went so far as to say that it was his only clear regret regarding his first marriage, not mentioning his cheating at all, apparently.

For many years Michael and Catherine seemed happy. They had two children early on and whilst many doubted that they would last due to their age difference, they proved everyone wrong.

In 2013, however, the couple decided to take a break from one another. Nobody spoke of divorce and nobody filed for legal separation. It was simply a break and the two lived separately for some time.

The rumour mill went rampant, of course, because everyone wondered why the couple had taken a break. Michael had been diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010. His chemo had taken a toll on him and reportedly on the marriage as well, but eventually he was in remission and the cancer has not returned.

It probably didn’t help, however, that Catherine checked herself into therapy for her bipolar disorder in 2011. She has previously admitted that she struggled with it and that her anxiety “tortured” her husband as well.

Catherine and Michael look great together

Catherine and Michael look great together

Unfortunately she went back into therapy in 2013, not long before Catherine and Michael separated for a while. Bipolar disorder needs to be medicated constantly and it’s not easy for those afflicted with it or those who love them.

By Christmas 2013 the couple was reunited and it was officially confirmed that they were happy and back together in March 2014.

During 2015 Catherine and Michael were once more plagued by divorce rumours, but there seems to be no truth to any of them. They celebrated their 15th anniversary by the end of the year and whilst Michael admitted that it hadn’t always been easy, they had overcome their struggles and were stronger than ever.

Earlier this year Catherine said that people simply got divorced too soon and too easily. Of course relationships aren’t easy and require a lot of work, but they tend to be worth it, at least if you love each other enough and have something worth fighting for.

At 46 it seems Catherine continues to stick with the promise she made 12 years ago. She has no intention of getting divorced. Sometimes a trial separation is enough to remind each other and yourself why you married to begin with and why you love each other. They have their teenage children to consider as well.

If Michael takes after his father Kirk Douglas, he and Catherine will have many more years ahead of them, despite the 25-year age gap.


Catherine Zeta Jones Michael's current wife

Catherine Zeta Jones Michael’s current wife

Michael and Catherine holding hands

Michael and Catherine holding hands

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