Michael Angelakos and his wife divorced because he is gay, not because he is bipolar

Passion Pit’s singer Michael Angelakos married his girlfriend after a few years of dating and then divorced her after two years of marriage, finally coming out as gay.

Michael Angelakos first realized that he was not exactly straight when he was in college. Some of our most formative development happens in those years, so this is hardly surprising.

Kristy & Michael times together

Kristy & Michael times together

We don’t know exactly when he began dating Kristy Mucci, but she was already his girlfriend when his struggles with bipolar disorder became public knowledge.

In a way Michael had it all. In 2007 he formed the band Passion Pit, whose frontman he is, and he had a wonderful girl, someone he loved so much that he wanted to make the relationship work at all cost. He was upfront with her, about being bisexual and about his bipolar disorder.

But the music industry is not exactly conducive to mental health struggles. In 2011 suffered from an episode that nearly caused him to kill himself. He was about to jump out of a window when Kristy tackled him, saving his life.

During the first half of 2012 Michael was on suicide watch. After cancelling several concerts, he was hospitalized for four weeks. He had been on the wrong type of medication, which resulted in his psychotic break.

Bravely, he opened up about his struggles with bipolar disorder. He was open with his fans and admitted that the doctors could pull the plug on his touring any day. Thankfully it never came to that. Michael found medication that worked for him and allowed him to still be creative, which is often a struggle when bipolar and medicated. He also married his long-term girlfriend Kristy early in 2013.

Kristy Michael's cute wife

Kristy Michael’s cute wife

Passion Pit filled Madison Square Garden for a concert and he’s been writing new songs as well.

In 2013 and 2014 all certainly seemed well for Michael Angelakos.

But on the inside he was still suffering. Whilst the struggle with bipolar disorder is a lifelong one, there was something else that continued to make him miserable. His sexuality. Michael later said that he loved Kristy so much that he did everything to make their marriage work. He wanted to make her happy and she was obviously his best friend as well.

Ultimately, however, he had to admit that it wasn’t working for him. He came out to his wife, who he said was nothing but kind and supportive and the two mutually decided to divorce. That was in August 2015, when he announced the divorce on Facebook.

In November 2015 he finally came out as gay to the public as well. That and not his bipolar disorder were the main reason behind his divorce. Clearly things had been going well for Michael and his disorder was under control. Kristy had been through the worst with him already and she had married him anyway.

But when your husband is gay then a line needs to be drawn.

Michael was relieved after coming out and grateful for many supportive messages from fans. There has been very little backlash and he is still playing concerts, still touring and making new music. Eventually he may even fall in love with the right guy and have the relationship he wants.

As for the divorce, it’s probably already finalized. Since it was a mutual and amicable decision, there’s no reason to believe that the settlement would have taken long to be sorted. But it would have been a private affair, which has not been reported on anywhere.

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