Melissa Rivers fairy tale wedding to John Endicott ended in divorce – perhaps she’ll never marry again

Melissa Rivers had one fairy tale wedding, but that fairy tale ended in divorce. Perhaps that is why she has never remarried.

Divorce finalized in June 2003

Melissa Rivers met her ex-husband John Endicott at a horse riding event in 1993. The two embarked on a whirlwind romance and barely six months later they were living together in Los Angeles.

Melissa and John fairytale wedding

Melissa and John fairytale wedding

According to Melissa her then-boyfriend was unlike any of the men she had dated until then, calling herself a magnet for idiots or aspiring what-nots that LA is awash with. John was funny, unaffected and sweet.

When John went out of his way to ask her mother, famous comedienne Joan Rivers, for her daughter’s hand in marriage, Joan wanted to know what had taken him so long. It’s a valid question considering that the pair ‘only’ married in 1998.

It was a fairy tale wedding orchestrated by Joan. She wanted everything for her daughter and had the Dr. Zhivago Winter Garden recreated in the Plaza Hotel in New York. 30,000 white flowers were involved and 100 white-painted trees.

Joan truly went all out and the wedding reportedly cost $3 million.

But the fairy tale wedding didn’t turn into the fairy tale marriage anybody may have hoped for. Whilst Melissa has mentioned her divorce once or twice here or there, she never went into detail and she certainly didn’t divulge the reasons behind it. Given that John is a horse trainer and owner, who successfully sells the best show jumpers around, one wonders if their different lifestyles didn’t have something to do with the demise of their marriage.

Melissa and John both share their love for horses and all things equestrian. But Melissa grew up in the show business and is a successful producer, who starred in reality TV shows with her mother.

Melissa with boyfriend Jason Zimmerman

Melissa with boyfriend Jason Zimmerman

Perhaps Hollywood simply wasn’t John’s cup of tea? Tellingly it was he who filed for divorce in 2002. Their son Edgar Cooper was only a year old at that time, which indicates that even a baby son wasn’t able to keep the family together. Not that a baby should ever be a reason to keep a broken marriage together.

John requested joint custody. When the divorce was finalized in June 2003 no details of how it was settled and what custody arrangements have been made became known.

It would appear that Cooper lives with Melissa full-time, but he does see his father. John looked after Cooper when Melissa rushed to the hospital to her mother shortly before Joan passed away. Clearly he is there for his son and his ex when need arises.

After her divorce, Melissa returned to the dating scene. Her longest lasting relationship has been with Jason Zimmerman, a sports coach. But that relationship broke up rather publicly and in an unpleasant manner on Melissa’s and Joan’s reality TV show. Melissa found out that Jason had been in contact with other women and even couples to solicit sex, which very clearly didn’t include her.

It was a humiliating experience for her and she broke their relationship off. Given how she gushed about him and the great relationship he had with her son, this development turned out to be rather surprising.

Since early 2015 she has been dating Mark Russo and as far as anybody knows the two are still an item. But that doesn’t mean the two will be going down the aisle. Melissa already had a fairy tale wedding and it didn’t end in a happy ever after. If ever she does get married again, it will likely be a more low-key affair, especially since her mother won’t be there to orchestrate it again. That alone may mean that Melissa wouldn’t do it again.


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