Megyn Kelly only divorced her first husband, because she was as ambitious as he was

Megyn Kelly is a very accomplished woman, which has nothing to do with the men in her life. But she owes her happiness to her second husband and their children. Her first marriage was not unhappy, but ended in divorce regardless.

Divorce finalized in 2006

Whilst certainly true, the headline does simplify the matter a little bit. Megyn Kelly married her first husband in September 2001, not very long after 9/11, in fact. Megyn and Dan Kendall had been together for four years by the time he proposed, which was a romantic affair on a getaway in Paris.

Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt wedding

Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt wedding

Both were ambitious and successful in their respective careers. In Megyn’s case perhaps too successful, because she was burning out and only managed to relax when the couple moved to Virginia near Washington DC, where Megyn ended up taking a class in journalism, which set her onto the path that she is on now.

Dan and Megyn were both workaholics, a fact that their marriage simply didn’t survive. Both worked long hours and both lived for their careers. At home they had little in common and eventually little to say to one another.

So, in 2006, they arrived at the mutual decision that it would be better to break up. Megyn bought a house down the road, which very much indicated that the two were on friendly terms and that the break-up was amicable. But if anyone had any thoughts of reconciling, they were quickly squashed.

The estranged couple told neighbours that he wanted children and she didn’t. End of story. That may have been true at the time, but it wasn’t all of it. Ultimately, Dan said last year in his first and only interview on the matter, he wanted a wife and so did she.

Douglas and Megyn holding hands

Douglas and Megyn holding hands

Obviously only in the sense of having someone to come home to who looked after the home and yourself. Megyn didn’t actually want to be married to a woman, though that would have been a surprising twist. Dan called Megyn a ‘type A’ personality, which is what he is as well. And that requires a ‘type B’ spouse.

The divorce was amicable and whilst Megyn and Dan no longer talk, they are still friendly. The only issue Dan ever took with Megyn after the couple had divorced was her accusation that an ex had cheated on her, but not clarifying that it wasn’t him who had done so. She only said that it hadn’t been current husband Doug Brunt.

Dan apparently messaged her, saying as much, but she apologized to him. Dan said he believes he knows who it was Megyn referred to, but wouldn’t divulge a name. And that more than anything tells us that the two are indeed on friendly terms.

Megyn moved on fairly quickly after her divorce and married Doug in 2008. In the intervening years the couple had three children, something that hasn’t stopped Megyn in her career at all. Doug, a successful CEO for an internet security firm who is now a novelist, works from home. Nobody would dare say that he is a type B personality, but his lifestyle and career seem to match rather well with Megyn’s needs, because he is, essentially, a stay-at-home dad.

The couple has been married for eight years now, which just goes to show that they are definitely a much better match than Megyn and her first husband.

Dan for his part also found love again and has two daughters with his second wife.

Megyn shows no signs of slowing down. She is as ambitious and driven now as she ever was, which has made her a household name and even a reluctant feminist due to her recent run-ins with Donald Trump. Whatever else we can expect from her in the future, it should be interesting.


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