Meghan Markle has a fairy tale wedding after her divorce from Trevor Engelson

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, just married Prince Harry in a fairy tale ceremony. But before that she has been married to Trevor Engelson and their divorce was not an amicable one, reportedly hitting him out of the blue. What happened and will her second marriage last?

Married to Trevor

Meghan Markle with ex husband Trevor Engelson

Meghan Markle with ex husband Trevor Engelson

Meghan Markle met Trevor Engelson in 2004. The two began dating soon enough and simultaneously pursued their careers. Meghan was an aspiring actress at the time, who had a few engagements here and there, but whose breakthrough was still years away. Similarly, Trevor was a producer, but it took until 2010 when Remember Me was made, that he made a name for himself.

It was in 2011 that Meghan and Trevor married. The ceremony took place in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. The two decided on a romantic beach wedding with 102 guests in attendance, who ended up partying for four days. In other words, this was no small affair, and everyone was of the impression that Meghan had married the man of her dreams and Trevor the woman of his.

Meghan’s career took off when she was cast among the main cast of the popular TV series Suits. That was also in 2011 and she remained a main cast member for the next seven seasons. The role forced her to move to Canada, where the series was shot, and she ended up living there most of the time. Trevor, in the meantime, produced a few movies here and there, but hardly anything that became well known or a box office hit.

Work kept the couple separated for months at a time, though they surely made an effort to see each other. At least for a time. After all, no series is shot all year around. They did take vacations together, but it became apparent that they had grown apart.

Divorcing out of the blue

Whilst working on her series, Meghan eventually decided that she no longer wanted to be with Trevor. According to multiple sources and reports, Meghan had grown accustomed to her independent lifestyle, supporting herself on the regular income she made as an actress and living by herself in Canada. It didn’t help that she didn’t spend time with her husband regularly and that his career hadn’t quite taken off the way hers had.

Prince Harry and Meghan The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan The Royal Wedding

So, it is said that she simply posted her engagement and wedding ring back to him by way of letting him know that she wanted a divorce. We don’t know whether that came completely out of the blue, whether she at least called him to let him know or announced that she wanted a divorce beforehand, but his friends and family maintain that it came as a complete shock to him when she wanted the divorce.

Some have called her move cold and calculated. Meghan has never commented on the divorce, however, so it’s difficult to make such an assessment.

Whilst Trevor cannot possibly have been happy about this development, the divorce proceeded uncontested and was finalized quietly in 2013. Neither partner wanted spousal support from the other and the two simply parted ways. Researching the events five years later, one is inclined to think that the wedding and marriage never happened, at least the way Meghan didn’t acknowledge either afterwards.

Romancing Harry

After being linked to Canadian chef Cory Vitiello, Meghan met Prince Harry in a blind date in May 2016. As an American, she hardly knew anything about the British Royal or his family. A mutual friend set the two up and Meghan’s only question was whether he was nice or not. If her friend would have told her that he wasn’t, she would never have gone on the date. It seemed the most important thing at the time.

Prince Harry and Meghan wave fans

Prince Harry and Meghan wave fans

Harry and Meghan spoke about their first date in their engagement interview, saying that they had such a lovely time that they decided right away that they wanted to repeat it. So, both took out their calendars to compare itineraries to make it happen. That’s no easy feat for a busy Royal and an equally busy actress.

But they succeeded in setting up future dates and soon enough even went on vacation together. They had a few public appearances in 2016 and even more throughout 2017, making it clear to everyone that their relationship was becoming increasingly more serious. Prince Harry has had a few relationships throughout his adulthood, but the one to Meghan seemed more mature than any of the previous ones.

Meghan even met the Queen on a number of occasions and it came as no surprise, when her engagement to Harry was announced on the 27th November 2017.

A fairytale wedding

The date of their wedding was eventually set to the 19th May 2018. Meghan joined in more official appearances and was even invited to spend Christmas with the Royal Family at Sandringham. In the first few months of 2018, she accompanied Harry to a number of engagements around the UK, mostly in connection with various charities that he supported, and Meghan was interested in as well.

Trevor and Meghan look cheerful

Trevor and Meghan look cheerful

At the same time, she also deleted all her social media accounts, which she would no longer be able to keep once she married into the Royal Family.

Preparations for their wedding were considerable. The two were permitted to wed at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Since Meghan was divorced once already, the Anglican Church had to ‘deal with’ the matter as well, which apparently happened without much hassle.

And finally, on a beautiful sunny Saturday in mid-May, the fairy tale wedding took place. Hundreds of guests were in attendance, which included many A-list celebrities, friends of the couple, invited guests from many of the charities the couple supports and, of course, the Royal Family, including the Queen and Prince Philipp. Prince William served as Best Man to his brother, and Princess Charlotte and Prince George were among the page boys and bridesmaids, who were all children.

The wedding is estimated to have cost £32 Million, but what is the price tag for a fairytale wedding anyway. And it did look like a fairytale wedding. Windsor Castle served as the stunning backdrop, handsome Harry wore a uniform and Meghan a stunning white dress with a 5-meter long veil. The weather was perfect, all guests were smiling happily (except for Victoria Beckham, who looked inexplicably sour) and onlookers were jubilant.  

What more could anyone want? We grow up with Disney movies and the fairy tale weddings portrayed in them and many little girls have dreamt about such a wedding at some point in their lives. Has Meghan ever had such a dream? How did it compare to her first wedding, which was already a fabulous affair?

As it was, she looked enchanted and enchanting. Harry looked a little nervous and tense, which only changed once the newly married couple headed to their reception and he had changed out of his uniform and into a Smoking.

And a fairytale ending?

Now, the question is, will they last? We know they are both from divorced parents. Meghan has gone through a divorce as well. But a Royal Wedding is also not something that one goes through with lightly. The cost and preparation were enormous and millions of people worldwide, if not more, were witnessing the ceremony.

One would think that the responsibility of making it work weighs on both Harry and Meghan. They do look very happy together. And they seem to be very well suited to each other, sharing many common interests. Plus, Meghan gave up a lot for this union, including her very successful career. She was even baptized into the Anglican Church and will become a British citizen now.

More importantly, she gave up much of her independence, which was likely the main reason for her split from her first husband. Nobody does something like that easily, and especially not someone like Meghan, who is strong, independent and engaged in many social endeavours, especially when it comes to the independence of women.

She must love Harry. It does look like that when she looks at him.

Only time will take if the two will get their happily ever after. Prince William and Kate have been married for seven years now and share three children. Their union seems rock solid. Hopefully the same will be true for Harry and Meghan.

And let’s not forget the question whether those two will also have children together…

Trevor, by the way, is said to be dating, though it’s not clear who he might be dating at this time.


Tracey Kurland Trevor's current partner

Tracey Kurland Trevor’s current partner

Meghan and Harry dayout

Meghan and Harry dayout

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ar an event

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ar an event

Meghan and Harry dayout the happy couple

Meghan and Harry dayout the happy couple

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