Matthew Mellon may finally get his act together after he is headed for his second divorce

Matthew Mellon is headed for his second divorce, which seems to have been caused by the same problems he has had in his first marriage and divorce: drug addictions.

When Tamara Mellon met Matthew Mellon at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in the late 90s, she might have known what she got herself into when she married him in 1999. That she was at the meeting suggests she might have had problems with narcotics abuse herself, but if that’s the case, she has definitely overcome those issues.

Tamara Matthew's ex wife

Tamara Matthew’s ex wife

That cannot be said of banking heir Matthew. His return to and then continued struggle with narcotics addiction caused Tamara Mellon, co-founder of the Jimmy Choo empire, to file for divorce in 2004. She never really had a bad word to say about Matthew as a husband or father (the two share daughter Minty). But as a human being he seems rather hopeless.

When Matthew was later accused of having spied illegally on his then ex-wife’s business, Tamara said during a court hearing that Matthew was absent-minded, child-like, incapable of dealing with money or any sort of business and that he was bi-polar.

His drug problems didn’t help either and the divorce became inevitable. But since he has always been a great father, Tamara and Matthew agreed on shared custody and are still co-parenting their daughter to this day. Tamara even called her ex-husband her best friend and it’s well known that the two have remained close after their divorce.

In 2006 Matthew met Nicole Hanley. He later called the meeting essentially love at first sight for him and knew he had met his future wife. Nicole is an heiress as well and she’s a designer. Together with Matthew she ended up founding Hanley Mellon, which is now only Hanley, however.

The two were married in 2010 in a pretty big affair. Minty played a big role during the wedding and the preparations, suggesting that she has a good relationship with her step-mother.

Nicole and Matthew had two children together, son Force and daughter Olympia.

Nicole Hanley Matthew's current wife

Nicole Hanley Matthew’s current wife

Once more, however, drug abuse clearly had a hold of Matthew and whilst we’re not privy to the impact it had on his second marriage, we know that the couple first separated in May last year. At the time it was said that the split was an amicable one and that Matthew and Nicole remained good friends.

In June it was even reported that the two tried to reconcile, but in August they seemed to be back on the divorce track. At that time Matthew was rather unhappy about the whole thing and posted several things on social media about the break-up and how Nicole was taking his children away from him. Those posts were later deleted, though.

When Nicole debuted the spring collection of her Hanley designs last fall, people were surprised about the name change and everyone wondered where Matthew was. It had initially been reported that the estranged couple would continue together in their fashion venture, but apparently not so. At the time Nicole said about her marriage that they were a work in progress and still figuring things out. She explained that she and Matthew would always be family, but it didn’t sound as if the two would always be a couple.

Back in March this year Matthew finally entered rehab. It wasn’t his first stint there and this time he seemed determined to stick with it and work through his problems. The divorce is apparently still on, but it’s unclear whether anyone has properly filed it yet.

Hopefully he and his estranged wife are going to be able to work through everything amicably; for the sake of their children if for no other reason.


Tamara and Matthew look stunning together

Tamara and Matthew look stunning together

Nicole and Matthew workplace

Nicole and Matthew workplace

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