Matthew Bronfman’s third divorce is finalized quietly after cheating scandal

Seagram heir Matthew Bronfman has been married three time and is now divorced for the third time after a late mid-life crisis had him cheating on his third wife with a woman half his age.

Divorce finalized May 2016

When Matthew Bronfman left his third wife Stacey to cavort with his girlfriend through Manhattan, tongues were wagging, but everyone was reportedly ‘scandalized’.

That was last October.

The affair had come out after Stacey is said to have discovered some WhatsApp conversations between her husband and the woman he was having an affair with – someone almost half his age, who is apparently from Israel.

Stacey Kaye Matthew's first wife

Stacey Kaye Matthew’s first wife

Stacey was shocked and heartbroken, of course. Whilst the affair must have been going on for some time, she clearly had had no idea. Unless a suspicion prompted her to check her husband’s WhatsApp messages. Whilst it’s unethical to check your partner’s phone, she obviously was better off for doing so and having an affair can be considered unethical as well.

So the marriage ended. Matthew moved out right away and then moved in with his new girlfriend, who had moved to from Israel to New York in the meantime.

It wasn’t the first of his marriages that ended in an apparent scandal, though the last time it wasn’t Matthew who was accused of cheating. Between 1997 and 2002 he was married to Lisa Belzberg, who is heir to a fortune as well and famous in her own right. Their union lasted long enough to produce three children.

But then a rumour emerged that Lisa had an affair with notoriously womanizing ex-President Bill Clinton. A photograph of the two at Lisa’s home made the rounds in the gossip magazines and Clinton apparently boasted that Lisa flirted with him despite being married to a very rich man.

It didn’t take long for Matthew Bronfman to take action and he was divorced from his second wife sooner rather than later. Lisa, however, maintained that she had not been involved with anyone when the divorce was filed. So who knows what really happened?

Be that as it may, it seems that Matthew likes to be married. He’s 56 years old and has seven children. Even before his divorce from his third wife was filed, he moved on with his girlfriend.

And rumour has it she might become Mrs. Bronfman number four.

In the meantime, at least, he is a free man once more, who is able to get married again. His divorce from Stacey was recently finalized. Whilst most details are under wraps, it’s been reported that Stacey received the ex-couple’s 5th Avenue apartment. The two also have a 10-year old son together, and will likely share custody for the boy.


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