Why is Annette Roque still not divorced from Matt Lauer?

Matt Lauer is accused of having cheated with a number of women and Annette Roque even filed for divorce in 2006, only to withdraw three weeks later.

Matt Lauer married Annette Roque in 1998. By 2006 they had two children and Annette was pregnant with number three, but she was apparently also ready to divorce.

Matt Lauer and Annette Roque look happy

Matt Lauer and Annette Roque look happy

Late last year it emerged that Annette had filed for divorce (then) eight years ago on the grounds of ‘cruel and inhumane’ treatment. It must be said, however, that back then the now oft-cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ were not yet admissible as grounds for divorce and the plaintiff had to prove ‘cruel and inhumane’ or unsafe treatment.

Be that as it may, Lauer was accused in the divorce filing of extreme anger and hostile behaviour towards his wife in addition to very controlling behaviour in regards to Annette, but at the same time not making his home and family life a priority, causing Annette to feel lonely and abandoned.

Yet within a month the pair reconciled and will celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary in only a few weeks time (October 3rd).

On the other hand, and more recently, Matt has been accused several times to have cheated on his wife with a number of women. Among them was Giada de Laurentiis, who divorced Todd Thomson. In the wake of that divorce it was alleged that she had an affair with Lauer, but both denied the claims, only confirming that they had a long-standing most definitely platonic friendship.

Giada de Laurentiis Matt's rumored girlfriend

Giada de Laurentiis Matt’s rumored girlfriend

It’s also been said that he cheated with Lara Spencer, whom he has had a crush on for a long time, allegedly anyway.

Matt Lauer has been called a womanizer many times and it’s no secret that he lives in a New York apartment during the week, because of his early start on the Today Show. Annette on the other hand lives with their three children in their house in The Hamptons.

Obviously it wouldn’t be feasible for Matt to commute to work every day, but it also means there’s not much time for the family.

Interestingly Matt has never been caught red-handed. There’s absolutely no hard evidence that he’s ever cheated on his wife and being seen with another woman hardly counts. No doubt one would be able to see Annette with other men, if one would look closely enough. Not that that would actually have to mean anything.

Annette & Matt at a red carpet event

Annette & Matt at a red carpet event

Having a reputation, however, doesn’t help Matt.

Of course it’s mostly the National Enquirer, the worst gossip rag in the world, that reports most of the allegations and stirs the fire. Annette has been painted as a jealous woman, whilst Matt is the cheater.

If Annette is so jealous and can’t seem to trust her husband, then why is she still married to him? Surely she could hope to receive alimony in case of a divorce? The same is true for Matt, by the way. If he really is a serial cheater, then why is he staying with her? For the most part they don’t even live together very much, so what’s the point?

Staying together for the children can’t be the reason here. Annette is already the main carer for them.

Unless, of course, none of those allegations are true. That would explain why the couple is still married, because they know the truth and they trust each other.

The matter of the divorce filing nine years ago cannot be entirely dismissed. But things must have improved a lot and the accusations were likely somewhat exaggerated, because of the requirements back then. Annette would certainly have had ample time to file again, if she had wanted to.

It’s not likely that divorce rumours and cheating allegations are going to be put to rest anytime soon, but hopefully at least the two most intimately involved know what’s going on.


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Annette & Matt say cheese

Annette & Matt say cheese

Annette Roque & Matt Lauer day out

Annette Roque & Matt Lauer day out

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