One messy divorce, six children, an explosion and an Emmy win – Martha Sugalski had an interesting time

Emmy-winning news amchor Martha Sugaslki went through a messy divorce from her first husband. With her second husband she found new happiness for herself and her six children.

Divorce finalized 2005

Martha Sugalski has been a journalist and news anchor since the late 1980s. She married first husband Craig Minervini in 1993 and had two sons and one daughter during the next few years.

Martha Sugalski and Craig Minervini at a show

Martha Sugalski and Craig Minervini at a show

Even in 2001, when their last child was born, the couple still seemed happy and together and excited to add another member to their family. But only four years later the dream was over and it doesn’t sound as if it had a nice ending.

It was Martha who filed for divorce in 2005. At the time she called Craig verbally abusive and requested that he should be ordered to vacate their home. Craig on the other hand apparently asked Martha to leave their home. He didn’t deny her claims, however, and only said that there was more to the story than what she had said.

In the end lawyers for both confirmed that their disputes had been settled amicably, which also included their living arrangements. Interestingly the court documents pertaining to their divorce case ended up being sealed, a practice that is not necessarily lawful in their case and came to light in 2006. Their case was not the only one that had been sealed and was no longer accessible to the public. Apparently both Martha and Craig had request that the documents should be sealed, certainly in an effort to protect their privacy.

Be that as it may, the ex-couple does not seem to be much in contact these days.

In 2009 Martha re-married. This time she married Robert Reich, whom she met on a blind date a friend had set her up on. Not all blind dates are this successful, mind you. But for Robert and Martha things worked out quite nicely.

Robert seems to have a good relationship with Martha’s three children from her first marriage, but the couple wanted more children together. Initially they had troubles to conceive and in 2011 Martha miscarried. After IVF treatments, however, she found herself pregnant with triplets, who were born prematurely in 2013, twin boys and a girl. After some complications with the girl, all three eventually ended up healthy at home with the rest of their family.

Having three babies at home certainly turned their lives upside down. Martha took a year off work to look after the three. Incidentally she ended up leaving her employer, which resulted in another year off work, because she had a non-compete clause in her contract. That meant she couldn’t just up and leave for another TV station.

In the meantime there was an explosion at the family home, which destroyed part of the triplet’s nursery. Thankfully nobody was in the nursery at the time, but it gave everyone quite a fright. We’re not clear on what caused the explosion however.

In the end Martha found it a blessing in disguise to be able to see her triplets grow up during the first two years of their lives and spend so much time with them. It seems her three older children are all very taken with the three young additions.

In 2014 Martha received an Emmy Award, which was the crowning achievement of her career. But she did return to work in August 2015, not slowing down a bit. With five kids at home (the oldest is off to college), a career as a news anchor and a loving husband, it seems Martha doesn’t have many regrets in life and it’s highly unlikely that she’ll face another divorce.


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